Thursday, June 04, 2009

blog slacker comes back!

Mr. Graduate
(from PreK ) that is !! love the 4 year old 'fake' smiles.. seems like that is all I am getting these days from him!
these are a few from his actual graduation program... a few songs,

a presentation of his 'diploma'

and his class picture at the park

We have been out for almost 3 weeks and already I think I am about to lose it!
Luckily vacation snuck in there for about 10 days...
Hard to believe my little guy will be turning five in a month and then off to kindergarten in the fall. Seems like we have had him around much longer then five years!!
I am not one of those sappy moms that got all emotional at the prek graduation.
c'mon... it IS hardly school at this point after all!
Brigham really could have cared less either. He has been telling everyone that he is done with school and gets to go to a new school in the fall. I thought maybe he'd be sad to leave his friends. Nope. hasn't mentioned it once. Guess that is because most of his friends are not from his class.
He is super excited for Kindergarten and actually will see several preK classmates again in the fall.
We have already been gearing up. Reading, writing, math. As some of you know , I hardly have to push him into it. I am going to have a different time with his sister, who we think will be the kid that works super hard and still gets average grades. but she'll be our jock.
funny how kids are so different, and it is evident at such a young age. it will be such a joy to see what God has planned for them.
had to get those pics in.... will probly start posting pics from the vacation later today....
we've been busy , busy, since returning last Friday.
oh, and I am in the final stages of growing the baby.. so I am not moving the quickest! LOL


Lisa T. Howard said...

Glad you are back! And congrats to the Pre-K grad! Hope you enjoy your summer and enjoy the opportunity to move slow. Before you know it you will be moving at break-neck speed! As I'm sure you are all too aware! LOL!

Heather Crawford said...

Yay, Brigham! Yep, he's got the fake smile down, know it very well, believe me!!

Hang in there with'll be here before you know it..and you think you're busy now? ha...

Stephanie said...

That is funny that Brigham doesn't really care about not seeing classmates anymore. The only reason I say that is, Charlie didn't really seem to care about leaving his classmates when we moved here, either. Maybe it's a first born thing? Maybe a boy thing? I don't know. He didn't cry or anything. He didn't really want to give them hugs on his last day, either. I practically had to force him. He had been in the same class with most of them for 3 years, too. So crazy. Well, hang in there. Summer will be over before you know it. And, you'll have a 3rd baby soon, too! :)


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