Friday, September 17, 2010

fun on friday-its all about the boy..

or the Cub.. or in this guy's case.. the Tiger scout. yep. we did it. a little reluctantly as parents.. but we caved and obliged our eager -for-fun- but -having- no-idea-what-it -is 6 year old who had been begging to join the Tiger Scouts. Its well.. kinda not so much 'our' crowd... but we decided it would be really good for him. AND good for us to get out of our comfort zone a bit. We do really like the fundamentals and the mission behind scouting.. LOVE that it encourages such family involvement. Something we have always seen so impressive from our LDS friends. In fact.. after his first pack meeting.. Brigham posed for a picture and daddy face booked it straight to Elder Johnston (ok.. not really anymore, but it will always be his name to who gave a "big thumbs up" for our young tiger scout.

Brigham was so excited to learn his motto and his mission statement. He wrote it about 20 times and of course memorized it in one sitting. I could tell he was proud when he got up on stage with all the other dens to recite at the beginning of his meeting. We learned all about pop corn sales.. (which I am pretty excited that we have the inside scoop on this.. ). I mean - Have you HAD the boyscout popcorn? double chocolate carmel, by chance?? YUM-O.
Look at my kiddo working hard on his rocket! After the meeting, the activity for the night was water rockets. He was super excited about this...

Setting it up....

needed a little help.. but then he finally go it.. and holy cow did it ever POP!! It was hard to get a good shot of it, b/c it went so high so fast.. straight into the blinding sun! One of the guys helping got his finger snapped b/c he was standing too close when it shot off! LOL
Tiger Scouting.. its dangerous, I tell ya..
At any rate.. we had a good time. I think we'll see how it goes this year. It sorta conflicts with soccer, so we are alternating until soccer is finished. I am a slacker of a tiger scout mom already and have not sewed on his patches. We are looking forward to reading thru his hand book and helping him choose patches to earn. All in All , I think this is a great foundation for him. and his friend Justin is doing it as well, so that is fun for him.
Let's just not hope we have to on any camping trips soon.. .. us Millers don't do well with bugs.. or eating off of sticks.. lol-

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