Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Words on Wednesday

No pictures.. just words.. sorry folks!

I am slammed with editing right now, and don't have time to get thru any of our snap shots from the last few days..

however.. we did have a great time at Miss Tatum's open house for pre school today! She had had a visit a couple weeks ago and met her teachers (well, she knew one of them b/c Brig had her) and she got to pick her name tag color and answer a few questions to be put in her "all about me" page in the blessing book. She has been talking non- stop about going to school .(well really all summer long).

We picked up her backpack from the store last week as well. I had her name embroidered on it just like I did Brigham's first back pack. (actually same company and store too)

She has been carrying her back pack around ever since we brought it home and stuffing it full of diapers, baby doll clothes, books, cell phones, Mickey D's crap -toys, and other random stuff. We told her that none of that goes to school with her next week. She replied " I know , Mom, its just for my home work ".

the girl WANTS homework.

So we are about to walking into the building.. and Daddy met us there in the parking lot.. asked said to Tatum " ohhh, pretty girl in her sunglasses, and got her purse, and pretty dress on.. Where is your back pack baby girl (yes, we call her baby girl, even though she just turned three..)?

My smart -going- to -school- girl replies.. " Dad, I don't need my back pack, because, I am not staying at school ! "

She loved every bit of bouncing from station to station.. was in heaven with all the my little pony's and of course the kitchen. I think she was considering swiping one of the purses in the dress up corner. We'll have to watch her this year! LOL

I have no idea where she gets the idea that she needs a purse to match every outfit. NO idea !!!

She also made sure she inspected the two bathrooms.. just in case.. (who knows why she would actually care.. as she still isn't even close to being potty trained).

As her teacher is showing her the second bathroom, she says "but there is no bath tub. where is the bathtub? there is just a sink."

well.. my girl may not no how to poop in the toilet, but she is the queen of hygiene!!

so there were a few funnies out of the mouths of my babe...

I am going to play catch up tomorrow from the earlier days this week that I missed blogging about.. so check back for 'More than Manna" and also my "Tips on Tues".

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CoconutPalmDesigns said...

How sweet! My son had his first day of pre-school yesterday. When I picked him up after class he says he had a good time but that he's not going back. lol

I hope your daughter loves it!

Stopping by from SITS

Cheers :-)
- CoconutPalmDesigns


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