Friday, September 24, 2010

has it really been a week?

geesh. I am officially just saying that I am a terrible blogger.. that I can't stick to a schedule (even when I beg for accountability)... and stop beating myself up over the fact that I don't keep up with regular postings.. or even interesting topics.. or that I don't get 1,345 comments. ( really? I know can you believe that).. must be how JC felt. Seriously.. I am over that fact that merely a few read this here blog- because I am so not writing it for the approval of others. I have said it before, and I am going to believe it this time. I need to give myself grace and realize that this blog is just a form of me 'getting stuff out'.. be it junk or fun family stuff or even the mundane life stuff. It is my place.. and if I will ever take(find) the time to finish up my Blurb books, then I'll have some pretty cool stuff to hand down... and so with that I share with you

Fun on Friday.. because..

we did have lots of fun this week! Starting with a soccer game. Brig moved up to the U7 team even though he just turned six.. we were a bit unsure how he would do along with so many kids that had played before. (remember he just started last spring). He is getting better and focusing more. I feel like such a bad mom for telling the coach "no we're not buying team or individual pics" But really... I have seen the pics from the league photographers . and well, I'll just leave it at that.
( now no making fun of the big metal hook sticking out of the net in the above pic!)
In Tuesday's game, Brig got one hands on ball during his stint at goalie. The game finished up 1-1

and our little guy is found looking cute and spending time eating entire bags of goldfish crackers.

But really, can you blame him? ( I splurged and got the flavor blasted ones this time)

Or he is climbing. Yes we have a climber as of this week. Feeling pretty proud of himself for climbing up in the chair. Or the chairs at home or the couch.. or standing on the couch and throwing all the pillows off. its a good thing he is cute!

Another fun thing we did was that we ALL went to T's gymnastics class. Brig stayed home sick from school due to a stomach bug.. and so he went with. He actually begged to come see his sister's class. He is such a proud and supportive big bro.
T is in a class of two(sometimes its a private class even!)

Look at that form!! Well.. I kid, b/c if it were not for he teacher, she'd fall flat on her back! We're working on strengthening her arms.

She loves the beam..

and of course the bar is her FAVE (other than the splashing in the puddle)

and what does Mr B do while she is at JANAKSIX? (that is an exact pronunciation)

well , he plays house of course!

Well that is it for some fun times in the Miller household.. we also got out in this wonderful ahem 90degree fall weather and took some family walks. Had his Tiger den meeting last night.
Oh and we're dealing with drama. Uck. makes me sick to my stomach.. but hoping prayer will get us through.
Looking forward to a date night with the hubby to see this guy
tonight will fill my emotional tank a bit.
and maybe some sushi is of need as well.
I'll leave you with a classic of Beck from the week.


Katie McDowell said...

your daughter was meant for the bars. just look at that form :)

kels said...

yay! i read all the time! usually i don't comment because i'm reading through google reader at work... but not i'm able to get to the actual blog! {who knows how long that'll last :)} i'm excited you get a date night too!! :) and i'm excited to hang out with the kiddos :) see you tonight!!

Natalie at Mommy on Fire said...

Elizabeth, do not worry your heart on blog stats. As long as you enjoy it and want nothing but good to come from it, your blog is wonderful. If it makes you feel any better, I don't 1,000s of comments either and that's OK - I write for me. A readership is simply a bonus.

If I didn't have my blog, a writing platform, I can't imagine what my insides would look like! :)

Keep on keepin' on and focus your eyes on Him.

What a sweet family you have!


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