Thursday, September 02, 2010

laundry day

well... this is just a frustrated vent.. it has been eating and eating at me for months now.. I am feeling totally guilty and also feeling as if I totally wasted my husband's hard earned money. I am feeling like I am failing my kids and and just terrible at keeping up... not to mention my bedroom "corner" is out of control.. poor Tatum has no use of her closet b/c from side to side and top to bottom... I have invaded her space... anyone have a guess as to what I am talking about?

if you said SCRAPBOokinG.. you WIN the big ol' prize! (which I really don't have.. but yay.. you're a winner! LOL)

Seriously, people... I can't believe how dedicated I was with Brigham's first year book, and his second, and third and half way into his fourth book. Tatum's first year was all girly and busting out the pink and flowers hard core. Poor Beck Beck has like 5 pages. I am failing miserably. I follow all my friend's blogs who are scrappin guru's and am constantly inspired.. I think, "hey, I can do that, really quickly".. and then the time never happens.

Andrew keeps telling me to give it up.. let it go... box it all up. I have everything neatly organized in T's closet , and labeled and everything.. an over abundance of ribbon.. (I bought into that craze.. big time) and the eyelets? remember the eyelets? and all of the stamping and filing and embossing. I have so many mini books and shaped chipboard books just sitting there empty. I have several unopened kits from some of my favorite kit clubs.. at least its all together and *hopefully* will still go with some of my pics one day..

So I have pictures stacked in piles, I have some sorted in photo boxes, and I have hundreds of pics sitting in files on my computer. I so miss this hobby of mine. I miss the creative outlet. I miss getting together with friends and chowing on junk food and consuming huge quantities of DDP while I busted out 3 pages in 7 hours! haaa.

I really want to make a promise to myself to get back into it. Even if it is just slowly.. like one page a week or something. I think I need to realize that I just can't scrap the way and in the abundance that I once did.
Is it bad that I am looking forward to Dec-Jan to be slow for photo sessions? I am actually thinking about pulling everything out and keeping it out for 2 months, and just keep working on pages here and there.
My husband will so love me.. lol-

Many of my photographer friends and I share in this misery, because so many of us started our passions by the art of scrapping. Some moved on to digital.. others still love the feel of paper and glue. Oh and buttons. How many buttons do I have?

And while my spending has shifted from scrappy stuff to photography props and equipment.. I am still dying to get my hands on a JB kit.. or some luscious folded flowers for my Tater girl's pages! *swoon*

Any of you have any suggestions on how to pace.. how to get back in the scrappin' saddle again? Am I being to hard on myself? I just don't want to forgot all the little things, the funny things, the everyday stuff while my kids are little. I want them to know from my own words.. my thoughts how special they are.

would love to hear from you.. and link me up to your pages as well .. b/c I love to be inspired. I still get giddy when my CK arrives and read it from cover to cover in one sitting! I love seeing old friends names published.. and to see their sweet kiddos showcased in their art. I have sadly phased out on my scrappy sites too, and I miss the 'community' on those msg boards. *sigh*.....

alrighty... done.. so hit me with your best tips on getting thru this!!

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Heather Crawford said...

Well, girl, I do a little bit of something in little chunks of time...edit/print pics...choose paper, etc...put it together..I've never been fast at layouts, so I move along at my snail's pace..With your kids the age they are, it's just going to be hard for you to do much right kids are in school right now, so I do a little something just about every day..don't give up though! OH, and I've simplified my style a bit time for all that fancy stuff..not that I ever really liked that style anyways :)
Just go with the ebb and will come back..I'm much more inspired lately..and I get in my room and just GET IT DONE..


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