Thursday, September 09, 2010

we interupt our regularly scheduled post

Because... we had a very exciting week here at the Miller household when a certain little Miss started preschool ! Oh.. MY. was she excited. Like woke-up-at -5:30am- all -ready- to-go-to-school- excited! (thank goodness A got up with her.. and when she got up at 7am all ready to hop in the car.. in her jammies of course! LOL)

This pictures says it all- we could hardly get her to stand still as she wanted to go in and see 'all of her new friends'. I love that she is sporting her glasses just like Big Brother did on his first day here. (check out the link.. didn't plan it either.) My little Tater girl has been filling her back pack ever since we picked it up at the store. cool story-- I won her little pack at the mom's preschool brunch during his first year. I had just purchased a cute little back pack by Stephen Joseph as you can see in his pictures, so I was totally excited that my then 4 month old daughter had a cute one waiting for her too! And so 3 years later, we took it in to my favorite shop and had them put her name on it! I am so bummed that I didn't get a pic of the back of it. Totally went out in the front yard later that day to do a mock up and of course there wasn't a CF card in the camera! LOL- figures. I'll have to post a pic another day and post it.. cuz .. well it is just THAT cute!
She ran into her class and went straight for the girly things. The doll house. At her open house last week, she ran straight for the my little ponies. Funny to see who unique my children are at the same age, doing the same things. Love it. Praise God !!

Here she is with one of her teachers, Mrs. Synesael ( pretty sure I botched the spelling,=(

and things are a bit different with a one year old in tow... We didn't get all the pics that we did with Brigham. At that time Miss Tatum was just in a little carrier. This time, dad had to hold Beck so he couldn't do a whole lot.. plus Tatum was too pumped to get to the toys to really stay for many photo opps.! LOL
so .. got my one picture in with my baby girl... awwwwww.
Before I left her on the first day, I peeked in to see her sitting at the little table and chairs in the little kitchen area.. putting a baby doll under her dress and then stuffing her face with play donuts.
children model what they see, no? hmmmmmm. trying to figure that one out! LOL

So we finished up the week strong. She goes on Tues and Thursday mornings for two hours. This week was sort of a learning process for me to see what I could get done, etc. The first day was a total bust, b/c I started 3 projects and got none of them finished!. Today I ran thru the car wash, responded to a bunch of work emails, scheduled some sessions and put together a few collages for clients. I also managed to dust two rooms and vacuum the living room.. oh and water in my newly planted mums. =)
however.. I am trying to figure out how to fit in coffee time with a couple girl friends who also have kids in class and get work done.. and actually see if I can get a work out in. I have said this before, but I really, really want to start the C25k and keep it up. seems so simple and so effective!
all righty.. well we're off to a birthday party now and a bouncy bounce place!! good times!


Heather Crawford said...

Yay T! So darn cute..and by the way..those two hours go by in a blink..I was never very productive ;)

The Rock Star said...

Ah, the C25k... Where it all began for me!! :)

Elizabeth said...

um. yes. I found out how quickly those 2 hours go by.. and next week I start up MOPS so that will fill my Tues morns every other week!


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