Tuesday, January 03, 2006

NEW year NEW focus...

2006, can hardly believe it!!

I spent the first new year's eve since I was about 12 years old doing a whole lot of nothing!!
The expectations of a crazy and wild night ending with a big hug to the porceline throne.. (that I don't miss) did not happen. The chance to hang out with friends, or to spend the evening with total strangers did not happen. Seriously, I was full of emotions..
1. I was bummed because we were not out at some party, or bar being all social(which is really my style)...
2. I did not have an excuse for finding that perfect outfit, nodoubtedly black to wear for the evening!
3. I was not at a a high class restaurant having a romantic dinner with my husband
4. Instead I was in my flannel pj's( which I had been in all day!)
5. I was playing with my son and all his new toys.
6. I was alone until after8pm because my husband was working.
Totally getting depressed here..., but then
My hubby walked in the door with take out complete with appetizers, dessert, and salads(cuz he knows I have been wanting to lose weight!). Even with my fave.. spin artichoke dip.. all for me!!
He got a movie and we put the baby to bed. We watched a movie, drank, some beer, and watched the ball drop!
I was in bed by 12:30am~~
So as I realize that the excitement of past New Year's Eves, were fun, I truly enjoy this new realization that we are in the next phase of life.. marriage and parenthood!!!
So you all don't think I am totally lame, my hubby and I do go out a couple times a month and have fun.. just classier fun with the old people, where you sit in a bar, instead of stand, and drink 3 glasses of wine instead of 8 shots! any way life has changed and as I look toward this new year i am more excited then ever!!
New Years Resolution.?
Yeah, I have always said them, and never stuck to them! As our paster said in his Jan. 1st sermon.. a resolution is really a focus. SO now that it is put like that....no pressure!!
*I am going to focus on being a good mom
*focus on being a loving wife
*focus on eating healthy
*focus on going to the gym
*focus on my scrapbooking
*focus on my friends
*focus on my spiritual life
*focus on having fun
*focus on having joy
I figure if I am putting focus inot these areas, then I may be able to attain them, but I won't get so upset if I don't hit a certain number!! I will strive everyday to achieve a little bit in these areas. All in all, I hope it makes me a better me and 2006 a fantastic year!!

January 1-2, 2006:
Spent hours taking all my Christmas decorations down , so sad, which forced me to really clean my house before putting the other decor back. When we took down the tree, my tan carpeting had turned a dark evergreen with all the pine needles from the tree. This is like the worst job ever!! thoese stinking things take forever.. they are stubborn little suckers. took me like 2 hours to get all the needles up. Lucky for me, I had a little helper, with his new dirtdevil!! this is the cutest thing ever! When he was so fascinated every time I had the vaccum out( which if anyone knows me .. is a lot!) we thought he should have his own! Although my husband says we need to counterbalance with some manly toys, I think it is so adorable that he wants to help his mama!


RACHEL =) said...

Hey Elizabeth!! Your little boy is sooooo cute!!! Your New Year's actually sounded wonderful, just a night alone w/your hubby! Alexa was sick the whole weekend, not fun, but that's alright, like you said... the next phase of your life! We were together and that's all that matters!! We took decorations down today, everything except for the tree, definitely depressing!!! On to 2006... so strange to say!!!! =)

Darcy said...

Oh gosh, Brigham looks so cute vaccuming! Let's hope in about 20-25 years he still likes to sweep.. his wife will be so spoiled!
Sounds like you still had a great New Years even though things are changing a bit. And great 2006 "Focuses" you have! Good luck in achieving them. Hey, you could focus on your scrapbooking by scrapping these goals!! =) I'm a dork...


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