Tuesday, January 17, 2006

TAG>>> I'm it!!

Okay since Rachel was so kind enough to tag me... I had to rack my brain to downsize my answers!!( am a horrible decision maker=)
Here goes:

four jobs i have had-
1. lifegaurd- 3 summers in college! total blast! best tan eva! taught swim lessons! and kept an eye on the pool!
2.I was working as a waitress in a country bar....(in college) where I developed my obsession with Rasberry Stoli and Sprite!
3. Worked 4 years in retail management(after college)..best was Asst. Mgr for Wally World.
got paid REALLY well for doing nothing..No, I did not wear a blue vest! No, I did not shop there
(I am obsessed with Target). Yes, I rolled back prices =)
4. Sr. Acct. Exec (glorified sales person!) for private/franchaised hotel company. Sold "rooms and space" for Purdue University conferences and sporting events. Perks were black tie events and VIP passes to NCAA championships! LOVED this and develped fantastic business and personal relationships!

****Domestic CEO and Human Napkin******=totally bestest job ever!!

Four Movies I'd watch over and over
1. When a Man loves A Woman- Andy Garcia/Meg Ryan... tear jerker.. thats why!
2. Stepmom- Susan sarandon/Julia Roberts..... tear jerker.... is there a pattern here?
( I LOVE a good cry!)
3.Primal Fear- ED NORTON and Richard..
4.Prince of Tides
( okay and anything with Adam Sandler... He's my hero!)

Fave TV shows
1.Design on a Dime..ok I'm addicted to HGTV, except Design for the sexes..hate that guy!
2.King of Queens
3 Law and Order SVU ( actually all of them, cept when Jerry died, it just became Law, now it sucks, and CI... well, there is no way that guy knows that much!)
4. MONK... that's ok, I'm not fine!

Fave Vacations
1. France- high school trip-- incredible food, scenery, shopping, bad hotels!!
2.San Jaun- trip with my mom in college.. 5star hotel.. FAB food!
3. Charleston, SC 3x.. love it, love it!!
4. Disney World etc. with my hubby for our honeymoon. Unlimited funds... partied our butts off.. relaxed... AMAZING!!

Four places I have lived
1. West Lafayette IN GO PURDUE!!
2. Columbus,OH -totally rocked.. met my husband there
3.Lafayette, IN... just over the river from W lafayette!
4. West Lafayette... yes, still here.. flatness, greyness,boring- but a great inpiration to travel=)

Four Foods I love
1. Authentic Mexican food.. fresh salsa.. big ol chips...good Margharita!
2. Thai food... love everything!
3. Sushi... most anything... my goal is to learn how to make it!!
4.white cake with butter cream icing
(of course chocolate is a given... must have daily!)

Four websites I visit daily
1. My email.. im a junky- to feel loved!
2. Two peas in a bucket- to give love!
3. friend's blogs- to laugh!!
4. Potterybarn.com - to dream!

Four places I'd rather be right now
1. On a beach
2.shopping, given an unlimited credit limit was allowed...not needed to be repaid
3.cuddeling with my boys
4. anywhere other than here

Bloggers I am tagging
1. I am a loner in the blog world. I know of noone to tag. SORRY!


RACHEL =) said...



Darcy said...

Hilarious. HGTV Is the bomb, isn't it???

Hailey said...

i love ed norton too!!! he is so gorgeous! also, great current job! too funny...

Jill said...

hee, hee, 'human napkin' - so TRUE!

Niki L said...

Thanks for visiting my blog!! I'm feeling not so alone anymore in the blogger world!

I love your list and the fact that living in Lafayette inspires you to travel!!! That's a great thing to say to ppl when they make neg. comments about living in Indy!!

Nichole said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I don't feel quite so alone. My family looks but never comments, so i never know who has looked. I am sure that during next season there will be more pictures to check out.. I love king of queens too almost as much as my husband loves purdue. Also HGTV is the bomb.. South Carolina is beautiful.

Have a great day!!


kimbermcgray said...


I just found out you had a blog and was reading your 'tag' I am from COLUMBUS, OH!!! GO BUCKS!



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