Monday, January 09, 2006

Only Monday for a little while longer

Yay, cuz I hate Mondays!! I always have hated Mondays. It used to mean back to class or back to work. Now it just means another week is starting!
I used to love weekends. It used to mean time to relax. Time to play. Time to party. Time to do nothing!
BUT, when you are a mom.....then you really don't know when one week ends and another starts... It does not matter whether it is a Thursday or a Monday. At least that is how I feel now.
You see my day is really not that different from one day to the next. The only difference is that everyday can be a weekend!!!!
See, I can choose to shop on a Monday(and change diapers), or have a play date on Tuesday(and change diapers), and to go to lunch with friends on Wednesday(and change diapers), or to relax on Thursday(and change diapers), or to watch Movies on Friday(and change diapers). I pretty much have NO set schedule. Whooohoooo!!
Besides a few planned weekly activities, my week can change from day to day. I can fly by the seat of my pants! For now.
The thing that makes my week different from those who do not stay home day after day after day after day... is that You all get that cut and dry change to your days... and your week.
I have found that I would rather go shopping on a Tuesday morning, go out for dinner on a Wednesday night, go to a movie on a Monday night. Why?
Because this is not the norm for most people. this is like MY time, when most of the world is not doing it. Well that is except for the other moms and their kiddos. Its like OUR own private little space.. okay and we get to spend it (well, some of it with our babies!) It is also fun to be able to drop them off at MTO (moms time out) and get a little GIRL time!
Oh and the best part.... I get to sleep in everyday until 9:30am and then wake up to my human alarm clock....for now!
All this to say, that this past weekend was sooooo much FUN =)
It started Thursday actually, when our friends came over to teach us how to play Settlers of Catan. This game is seriously a blast to play!!! We are now part of this new craze, however, I did find out that this game has been popular on the west coast in the 90's. Shows you how long it takes to get to the midwest!!! This is like the game to play... we are now not the only ones in our growth group (bible study) that does not know how.. So after a 2 1/2 hour game of lying, and stealing, and building, and destroying, we finally ended. And I was almost the winner!!! beginners luck Im sure!
So we then got into HUGE topics of theology... so fun and full of debate, umm, some of it was slightly heated..but its all good =)
We wound up chatting til after 2am! and , Remember, we are married now, so midnight is usually pushing it. Something about saying I Do, then you become, lame and boring!! (ok, not really, just kinda)
Anyway, my wonderful husband decided that he just could not get up for work Friday morning..
Even though I love him, he just ruined my whole day. My whole routine was now out of whack!
I had to send him out on errands, just so I could feel like it was my Friday.=) I know he was very appreciative....and probably wished he was back at work!!
Okay, so then we went over to our friends house for dinner. We get together once a month with a group of like 16 couples!! We so love to hang with these guys. Some of the couples are our closest friends! We always play some crazy game.. however this time, they were really struggleing to come up with something... so they brought out the bingo machine!!
Yeah, I am going to be ONE bored old person.. I don't enjoy bingo.. just don't get the whole idea about trying to match up a number on a card, to a very LOUD voice, and to cover the number on the card with a little piece of wood!! Lots of skill involved....guess that is why its great to play when youre eighty!! Well we did play another very cool game called assasin! This you would not want to play when you're eighty!!
So Saturday, we slept in (past 11am!!) and then went shopping...yes, we went against my rules and went on a Saturday.!! Can't believe all the awesome deals!! well, if only I had money, ( oh, yeah, I quit my job to stay home>>>)
That night, I went on a date with my hubby, just out to eat and then to a movie. Except that there were'nt any movies unitl 11:20, and remember we're married and lame. SO we rented movies. After like an hour of staying in line, I swear we were in a scene from a movie!! (the typical movie rental place with the line backed up 30 ppl and a crazy worker, with bleached blonde eighties hair and bad teeth and 3' fingernails, of course in cherry red...trying to work the computer, while munching on a Kit Kat bar..) you get the picture...Oh did I mention she had a cold sore the size of a dime on her mouth... , now you really get the picture.. I we got to SEE it for about 20 minute!!
Went home, popped in the movie.... surprised by hubby by the flick I picked.. Closer...
thought it said romantic comedy, and with Julia Roberts, Jude Law, Natalie Portman and some other guy... How could this be bad???? Julia would never do a bAD flick...
well, this was some show... the rating of R was very generous!!!
kinda funny, at least there were beautiful people, but the plot could have been left out!!
Ok, so Sunday went to church , listened to a SUPER sermon, went to lunch with friends, came home and watched a movie with my hubby.. took a nap!!
This was a GREAT weekend !


Darcy said...

Oh.. I envy your schedule! Some day.. my luck is that we'll have babies that wake up at 6am. I'll probably be waking up earlier than I would if I worked. =)

Lots of diapers! Is 18 months too early to start potty training? That boy is REGULAR!!

RACHEL =) said...

WOW, WHAT A WEEKEND, GIRLIE!!!! You are one busy gal!!! But it all sounds great! =)

And btw... on my days off, if my hubby stays home unplanned, I can feel like that too, ha ha!!!


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