Wednesday, January 11, 2006


a day in the life of ....
random Tuesday 1-10-05

8:00 wake up(had to get up early!)
shower, get ready
get Brigs breakfast of oatmeal and oj ready
pack his diaper bag
8:30 wake Brigham
get him dressed
feed Brig
feed my hyper, attention starved, dog and give her some love
feed my used to be fat, but now skinny, but still eats a ton cat
9:00 out the door for Brigham's doctor appt.
9:15 late for his dr. have to call, get stuck in traffic
9:30 get to dr. /used last check in book, no $ for copay, so they won't see him
have to go talk to financial counselor, she tries to reason with the peds desk....
no luck
9:45 frustrated, mad, total waste of trip...had to reschedule for next week..... ugh!!

10:00 meet Jop and Judith for coffee at Panera.
love Panera...cheated on my diet, had a mocha....
chatted . I love these girls.
11:30 go to bank, post office, home

12:00 feed Brig lunch
12:30 check into 2peas!
12:45 play with Brigham
1:15 Put Brig down for nap

1:15-4:00 MY time,
work on fundraising stuff for sorority, send out emails
scrap two pages!!!
empty dishwasher, throw a load of laundry in, clean kitchen floor, clean bathroom
chat on the phone with my super sassy friend Mere
4:00 Brig wakes up... give him a snack.... we play
give Brigham a bath
5:00 Husband, Andrew comes home
start getting ready to go to church
5:30 out the door to church event
6:00-9:00 dinner and fabulous speaker at church.. evening with friends
9:30 home
Get Brig into jammies, read story, have milk, put him to bed
10:00 chat with Brother in Pheonix
scrap some
watch Law and Order ( most days)
try to figure out the dang scanner, so that I can finally post all the Lo's I've been doing..
no luck..
work on Silpada stuff
11:00 watch news
11:00 watch Letterman
midnight go to bed

... and that is as exciting as it gets, my friends!!


Darcy said...

Such a fun day! The doctor's office seriously wouldn't see you? That's a bunch of crock! =) I wish I could stay up as late as you! I'd be a zombie the next day if I did...


Anonymous said...

i hate it when i run out of checks!
Great name, Brigham...any connectiong to BYU?


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