Monday, January 21, 2008

boyz will be boyz

well, we went to the Children's museum two weekends ago, and Brigham LOVEd the dinasaur exhibit.. he could dig for fossils, and see the skeleton, and walk thru a big prehistoric thunderstorm that kept him clinching to daddy's neck...
and a favorite place was where he could put on the tail, and hands of a t-rex and then sit in a big nest and 'wait' for his eggs to hatch!!
or he could just pick up his youngins(foam eggs) and throw them across at the little girl in pig tails!! LOL

so a couple days ago, grandma brought over a suprise.. it was a turtle egg, that when submerged in water for 48-72 hours starts to hatch!
so we've been watching and watching.. and everytime we walk thru the kitchen we have to see how it has moved .5672 mm.
the head and arms are poking out now.
so then last night when Andrew and I were enjoying the quiet and watching Sopranos' .. a little boy calls out from the depths of sleep saying that he needs to go potty.
so we don't argue and tell him to go to the bathroom.
next thing we see is a little boy standing in our living room saying.." look my penis is like my turtle coming out of his shell"
and there he stood with the 'turtle ' poking out the side of his CARS themed pull ups.
Andrew and I tried to contain our amusement.
its amazing really.. that even at the young age of three.. the fascination with this body part.
***I'll spare you the pictures as there are some kind of laws against those kind of !

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