Thursday, January 31, 2008

and now the writers stike isn't so bad

we've been waiting for a long time now. the day is finally here. and in 8 short hours...
the thing that has been the saving grace for our marriage...=P


we've been prepping by reading, up and listening to podcosts. ohhhhhh.. the anticipation!
Seriously, the is the one show , that we make sure we are home for. nothing was able to be on our calendar for this night.
(cept we do have to go get our pictures taken for the church directory at five o'clock).

thinking of creating a themed dinner.
we'll see if it actually happens.

we'll get the kids in bed..because as any of you know, if you miss even a second in this show.. you're sol. so we minimize the distractions , by turning the phone and the kids off.!!

can't wait to chat about this with you all. any of you who read my blog.. let me know what your thoughts are. maybe we should dedicate FRiday blog postings to be strictly LOST chatter.
hmmmm... thinking about that.

I do have some REALLY exciting news.. my husband completely rocks. I was dying to post about it yesterday, but I had a sick kid.. brig broke out in hives.. had to take him to the doctor.. swimming class for Tatum... ridiculous tornado/snow/sleet/ weather going on here..

So, I'll share with you soon, about what I did on Tuesday.!
I now need to mentally prepare for tonight's entertainment......let the countdown begin.....!

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