Tuesday, January 01, 2008

hello 2008

whew.. made it thru another year...LOL
with lots to be thankful for. of course resolutions have been made starting tomorrow(jan.2) !!
We had a great Christmas, and a super fun New year's celebration.(definately feeling it today..LOL)
Still editing a bunch of my pictures, so I'll share them later. I am de Christmas fy ing the house... ahhhhhh I sure wish there was just a magic *snap* and my house would return to order.
though it has been nice being all festive, I am sad to see it go...amazing how it feels so 'uncluttered' when it returns to everyday life.!!

Well, I am dragging here,(almost midnight.. but we celebrated to the wee hours last night)-
so I hope you have all had great holidays..( its been so fun seeing all your pics =)

wishing you a blessed 2008 !

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scrapfriendzy said...

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