Wednesday, January 09, 2008

this boy was born to dance !

my baby cousin got married! and she was brave enough to ask Brig to be the ring bearer.

oh my goodness , can this kid dance!! he was on the dance floor for about 2 hours at the reception.

He was right there in the middle of it all. Whenever there was a group dance.. he joined right in!

it was sooo funny to see him pick up the moves to the Cha Cha , the electric slide, and the chicken dance. He just watched and learned... (way better than his mama could.. lol)

ok, I really did know the other dances... cept for the cha cha.. guess that one is new. don't know who sings it ,I only know it from the Mc Donald's commercial!! LOL

can you tell I am getting old, and never listen to top 40!


So Brigham was the life of the party, thank good ness he didn't steal the show from the bride at the ceremony... not like he didn't try or anything!

I don't think Andrew and I heard much of the wedding, b/c we were so nervous and focused on Brigham!! Of course the pillow DID land on his head a few times, and he DID pick his nose and show it to the flower girl. and he DID start humming... and would not stop..

geesh, we were nervous wrecks.. thanks goodness, my dad was holiding Tatum through the whole thing.. and of course she never made a peep!

all things considered, that he is in fact only three years old, and he is a BOY, and boys can't stand still or keep quiet for more than like .23 seconds.

He was pretty good. afterall, he did have to stand thru a communion and the whole ceremony

He made a new friend with the flower girl, and from the rehearsal thru the reception, they were stuck at the hip... or Brigham was tackling her to the ground!! again, BOYS!!!

He so politely came and asked his sister to dance... AWE!!!!

and here his with my cousin Hannah!

and he came and asked me to do the chicken dance...
Such a handsome dude.
and here he is with his new friend Lilly

and here is the happy couple! congratulaions Hilary and Bob!!

and of course I can't post with out one of my baby girl..

here she is with my grandma and my dad.

I LOVE this dress!!
what a fun weekend we had , so nice to get away and relax in a hotel for two nights!
and on the way home, Andrew let me stop at Archiver's in Indianapolis..... ahhhhhh!
I'm just a girl who can't say no! hoping I can actually use some of my new stuff now!!


Lisa Dickinson said...

OK I'm loving the Ricky Martin today! :) And those saddle shoes are simply precious! Love the booger story - sounds like something Riely would do. So what did you get at Archivers???

AmyG said...

Looks like a beautiful wedding! Your sweet boy is just too cute!!

Ronda said...

Wow, girl! You have been busy lately! Great pics of the fam!


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