Tuesday, January 15, 2008

the winter blues.

well we've got them and we all deal with them in a different way. winters in Indiana are not fun and not pretty. we are stuck inside - a LOT- b/c the mommy doesn't do well in cold.

Brigham informed me yesterday that if you "put your coat, and hat and shoes on, than you can go outside and play .. and not be cold.". I love his optimisim. but it doesn't work that way for me!

I guess I could send him out in the back yard , but then I am sure some nosy neighbor would call it child abuse, to send my kid out to play all afternoon in sub 30 degree temps!

(especially when the mom is just lounging on the couch inside eating bon bons. =p.)

So we've gotten ourselves busy. Tatum is swimming two nights a week with mama. So far, she loves the water. The class is basically a few moms standing around in the water talking while we splash and dunk our children!

Tatum is happy that her boyfriend Carter is in her class, though she was apprehensive about him seeing her in a swimming suit ..she got over it, when daddy told her that her white pudgy thighs were adorable!

And Brigham started nymgastix last Friday. Yep, that is exactly how it is pronounced. He had a lot of fun, and even better since his girlfriend Hannah is in his class. She wears a leo. Daddy says Brig can't wear one.

And my house is undergoing MAJOR reorganization. Ya know its pretty normal to want to deep clean and straighten up a tad after the holidays are over right? Well I have taken it to the next level.

There is a small path leading thru the house and you can just barely make it in a few feet of each room.(ok, its not really that bad. ) but I certainly don't have visual peace.

and folks... its HUGE for me to have visual peace. or I am not very pleasant to be around.

so, I decided to organized the garage.. (ok, Andrew spent a few nights, out in the cold, re arranging it). I just put things into about 13-14 tubs.

I color coordinated all of my deco stuff by seasons. Threw out all of my cardboard boxed. AHHHH. It looks so much better .

and then I decided maybe I'd re arrange the living room. and then of course had to switch up the wall decor. and then figured out I need several NEW pieces of furniture.

(thank goodness I have a birthday next week!)

Searching for a storage bench type thing like this or perhaps the always popular bench from here.

Everything we get MUST include storage of some sort. we don't have a play room, and I am kind of nutz about toys being all over the place. again visual peace.

And since I have a few projects going, I figured why not convert our office to a nursery!!.

We thought we'd be out of this house by the time Tatum would be 6 months old. ok, so it didn't happend. the housing market is in the toilet here. and we've only live here 2.5 years. Not sure of where we'll be , so we decided to box up most of our office and create a place for Tatum.

So then the decision of where to put the condensed office. Since we just have one Large great area, I didn't want to stick into a corner, so we opted for putting it in our bedroom. Our master has a lot of space and with the cottagy theme going on, I am looking at this, or this .

I love that we can just shut the doors and the mess goes away!!

this is what our room looks like now:

and so basically I'll keep the soft pink, and sage and add some chocolate to make it a nursery.

Found these for her walls. and I want to add a chair rail around the walls. I am going for something to 'grow with' since we don't know how long we'll be here now.

And while I've been the organizing natzi.. Brig has been busy too.

He called me the other day to see his horse, Donkey.

appearantly he had convinced him to go outside with him. and prepped him in appropriate clothing, complete with dancing shoes.

We've also been playing in the kitchen making these:

and these : I've also been scrapping. would you believe I've gotten 14 pages done!! trying to keep up with the 31/31 challenge that Heather told me about.
and I have discovered this site. which I am totally addicted too. There is so much talent, and everybody is soooo nice. LOVE it!
* i've uploaded a few of my recent pages there*
well, if there is anyone still here, ( I know I can be a tad longwinded...lol) than I hope you are having a great day and tell me.... what do you do for those winter time blues????


Anonymous said...

oh i can totally relate to the "visual peace" thing....I just never had a name for it! :)

Hey i owe you an email - I will get back to you soon (this week;s been a booger!) I'd love to do the layouts...

AmyG said...

Hey girl! Sounds like the winter blues have turned you into a rearranging nut!!!LOL Here in Texas, it doesn't get too cold. The worst it's been is in the 20s....I hate the cold. I love just staying in and keepin' cozy!
Hang in there...surely spring will get here one day!


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