Monday, August 18, 2008

better late than never

and with the way this month has gone ,and the way that the next is.. it was beginning to look like never.
so as promised. VACATION PICTURES( and due to the fact that I am a picture taking fool, and that we jam packed our week , the recap is going to be a multi-post recap!)...and while I know you all read my blog because of my whitty humor and charm, perhaps the anticipation of experiencing ST. Louis, through another family's eye will keep you coming back.. lol !

both my friend Kelli and I were really bummed that we didn't get to go on the riverboats. It had rained so much (while we were at the zoo!) that the river was over capacity, and they weren't running the tours.
our cute kids at the park in front of the arch. can you tell how hot it was?
(if not.. just wait... you'll get it soon)

cutie head Tatum in her lopsided piggies. We say she has the Keady combover(any Boilermaker fans, know what I am talking about!) I just can't bring myself to cut her hair yet.

this thing was pretty awesome. though I still don't know what possessed someone to build this.
unfortunately we didn't realize the time factor for going up it, and this was our 2nd to last day, that we compiled the baseball game and the arch into, since they were both downtown. Andrew was the most dissapointed about this one, I think the rest of us, minus Kiley could have done without riding to the top in a tiny car!! I have promised my husband , that the next time we drive thru St. Louis, we'll go up in the arch.

some self portraits. of course!

a photographers dream... though, my fixed lens pretty much sucked. I am guessing the post cards you see were taken from guys hanging out of airplaines or something!! I just couldn't get all of it in w/o a zoom.

Brigham holding hands with Mr. Lewis, or Mr. Clark. not sure.

that night we headed here. Brigham's first baseball game. He was so stoked.(and Andrew was a little excited too)

Here the kids are, in the afternoon, on our way to the arch...figured it would be easier to get their pictures in front w/o the crowd of game time.

Andrew made Brig stand in front of all the statues outside the stadium. Of course Brigham wore his baseball shirt.

are you starting to see how hot it was? look at that nice reddish glow, we all have.. lol !

a snow cone right away, to help cool him down

and then whats a baseball game with out cracker jack? we had taught him the song the day before , each time we were in the car going from place to place. He picked it up super fast. So of course Andrew bought a bag of peanuts.. and then this. I don't think the boy has stopped singing that song.. he says ' Hey wanna hear the baseball song?" to just about everyone we see now!

Tatum is doing the wave..poor kid.. and poor mama and daddy... it was so miserable during the entire thing. I think my skirt was soaked by the end. We were pretty much all dripping with sweat when it was over .. still at 10:00 at night!

we did manage to cool off (BEFORE) we hit the arch and the game! We thought we would be at the pool every day at some point.. but we were just on the go so much, that we didn't have time. I even searched and searched for two new suits for myself..and got new towels and everything.
well lucky for brigham we only went once. it took him about 25 minutes to stop clinching Andrew's neck. He finally realized he could float with his waterwings, but insisted on kicking his legs underwater. He eventually had fun, but never stopped 'running' in the water!! Poor kid, we told him, he would have more fun, if he just relaxed and floated.. oh, well... maybe next summer.

His sister on the other hand, could have been left there by herself and been totally content for hours! She is my water bug!
( and you'll notice that I match my kids floaty devices to their suits(or maybe the other way around =)... and my towels always have to match the suits we wear too.. I am kind of a dork, like that!)
I am feeling hot, just going back thru these pictures... Andrew and I did make a life decision while there.

no offense to anyone who lives there... incredibly cool city, ... but horribly hot and humid weather. bleck!!


Ronda S. said...

Hi Elizabeth! Love your vaca photos!!!! Especially the ones with Tatum and her "piggies"!! Too cute! :)

Shannon said...

Hi! How fun to get to meet new people from blogging! We do offer direct shipping :) My website is If you have any other questions let me know. I'm looking forward to reading through your blog!!
Where in Indiana are you?

lisa dickinson said...

i'm not a humidity fan, either :) fab photos, girly!

Janette said...

Looks like fun times. Every time I have been to a Blue Jays baseball game in Toronto is has always been hot and humid too. I think heat and baseball must go hand in hand.

I was in ST. LOUIS last year the end of May and it was so hot and humid then already. That city is hot stuff. =) I saw the arch too but never went up.

Glad you had a fun vacation. I will still search for those frog pics I have not forgot. Just been crazy busy around here with the wedding coming up and some health issues. No worries I will send them one day soon.

Have a great day.


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