Friday, August 29, 2008

I am back

having internet thats all wonky, has some positive side effects.

like, I was able to get the whole house cleaned... baseboards, corners, cabinets... . and get caught up on laundry... and finally put away the mounds and mounds of kids clothes! seriously, these kids have more clothes than a small dept. store.(ok, maybe not that many..) tjese are just the summer stuff, I have to start boxing those up to make room for the back to school and winter stuff! its crazy!
and having the internet unavailable to draw me in and keep me captive, allowed me to get some projects done.
like these birth announcements for my dear friend...

and then here are some of my favorites from sweet baby A's photo shoot, along with her big sister Miss M.

awe! I forgot how tiny these little ones are... and now I think I am going to have to get me another!!

Remember I said it was baby nation around here? well, we just had two more arrive this week!

I have been doing something a little out of my element in the last few weeks.... cooking!

yeah.. so with all these babies being born, there are lots of meals to be taken, and I always love a good excuse to actually cook, more than my usual once a week!! LOL

I've made a pork/asparagus bow tie pasta, pork loin with blackberry sauce, and chicken enchiladas. I got huge raves and requests for the recipes-

the best part is when I make a meal to take.. then I just double it, and we get to enjoy it too!

I'll share the recipes here on the ol' blog soon.

Looking forward to a great long weekend! The last one was packed...we had THREE fantasy football drafts, girls night of scrapping, a birthday party, for which I made a cowboy cake, and we enjoyed a downtown jazz and blues festival in the steamy humidity!

Something our town offers several times a summer are these downtown festivals, with bands, and food, and tons of fun.. we try and go to them if we can!

Going to chill out and watch some good ol' HGTV and scrap tonight...

yeah... so lucky for us the internet had been horrible for the last four months... it pushed me to call for a service call... and when the guy came out on Tues he explained that our signal and set up was so 'horrid' that we were basically squeezing by on basic cable like we had bunny ears!!

So, since he doesn't keep the replacement filter piece with him, he took our corroded one off, and we now enjoy ALL the channels, for the basic price!

Some friends kidded me about my statement on face book where, I said "I was giddy over the freebie from the cable guy this morning"

When I called Andrew at work to tell him about it, he said.. "great job honey, way to use them. I asked what he was talking about it.. he said "your boobs of course. way to use your boobs."

Hey , if I can now see Design on a Dime and Househunters, along with Paula and Barefoot Contessa..its totally worth it..

I have been having a pretty sappy reunion with my TLC and HGTV and (lifetime, i admit) and Andrew agrees it couldn't have come at a better time.. we now get all ESPN's plus the big 10 network. I am pretty much sure, I'll miss my husband for the next 4 months! LOL

and Brigham has been introduced to a whole new world... Nick, Disney and cartoon network!

oh, help us!

though I am still limiting him to just a few shows a day...he was so excited as he called me in to watch this cat and mouse called 'Tom and Terrytales"... pretty funny... don't know where he got the 'terrytales' from, but it was actually Tom & Jerry, from back in the day!

so funny.

anway, I am off to work on some more photos.. had a fun family shoot on Monday, that turned into more of a 4 month baby girl shoot, b/c the 2 year old had other plans. but hey, he's two.. he can do what he wants right? at least thats how it was when Brigham was 2... and 3... and still at 4...geesh...

hope you all have a a fabulous four day weekend!


Heather said...

Hey girl, those announcements turned out GREAT! Way to go with all those pictures! Sounds like you've been busy!
Yep, amazing what you can get done with no
I love Barefoot Contessa too! Just love the atmosphere of that show!
Have a fun weekend!

Rita said...

Gorgeous announcements/photos E! wow! and, heck, a girl after my own heart with HGTV & the food network!!! I wish I had more time to watch. I'd watch ALL day!

charlotte and clarke said...

Elizabeth I love the pictures- I'm never going to Target again!!! Hey what is this about getting yourself another baby? You are the best!


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