Friday, August 08, 2008

just getting by...

and as I typed that I realize that I totally plagiarized my friend LISA's blog.

but she's cool hopefully she won't get to mad... go check her out.

seriously, we are recouping from our week in St. Louis! I don't know how my house could get so dirty with NO ONE home!!... but, I guess a spider (or several) family took up residence while were away.. I have cobwebs all over the place! ... so one cleaning led to the next deep cleaning.. and before I knew it I was re organizing, and cleaning baseboards and inside of cabinets!
(whats crazy, is that I am neurotic, and actually CLEAN my house, before we leave on vacation)

then my garden was seriously neglected... my wonderful dad was in charge of keeping our dog and cat alive, but I think he was a bit generous with the watering of my pots!! Some of them were looking a bit sickly, and the weeds... oh, the weeds,in my flower beds... that I swear were not even sprouts, when we left, were about 2 feet high when we got back!

can you say 'overwhelmed'?? Andrew finally calmed me down, and proposed I just work on ONE thing a day!

surprisingly it worked.. and I was able to cross things off my list. My front and back yards are weed free and deadheaded... and ready for fall planting.. next week is the side yards!

the house is livable again.. ****SIGH*****

and so I was able to deliver the proofs to my friend Summer. I really had a great time with her family. Her kids are so stinking cute... I am so grateful for the opportunity to practice with my camera... I am learning so much about my equipment, lighting, posing, and how to adjust with each new person/family that I shoot.

here are some peeks at what I got:

favorite... it shows a mother's tenderness so perfectly! LOVE IT!

These two
sweet girls are about to have another sister.. baby Olivia should arrive in about 3 weeks!!
.. (maybe it will look different when I post)..
I got to see two new babies this week... and I am all giddy about getting my camera on them soon.
My friend Ann had a little boy Harrison(born on brigham's bday!) and then my friend Sarah had little Max.
My dear friend Sarah, had a sweet baby girl last Friday and I can't wait to meet tiny Audrey.
seriously, its like baby nation around here!! LOL

I'm still going thru pictures from the trip.. hopefully I will get that done tonight... Andrew is having a big poker tournament here and the FFF draft, so I am hoping to go out for some girl time, and then back to hole up in the office!!
Maybe , I'll even get into my scrap stuff!!

oh, and I won an award while I was gone...
see it here.. I was shocked.. cuz this girl seriously has some talent.. I am constantly inspired by here. but THANKS RONDA!!

ok, I am outa here.. heading to meet a friend for a picnic at the park! Its actually a breezy 75degrees today!!

enjoy your day!


lisa dickinson said...

hey there, title thief :)

wowsers - you got some great photos there! love the black background! what are you using?

Rita Weiss said...

beautiful pics e! welcome home :)


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