Thursday, August 21, 2008

Grant's farm with a focus on Bud

I had grandeous visions of Grant's farm, as I reflected of my childhood visit.... but a las... it was not all that I had remembered. well, maybe it was because we had just seen 7,456 different animals at the zoo the day before...
or because this 'farm' had quite the interesting collection of animals. none the less... the kids had a great time. it was pretty darn hot and sweaty... but we had come to expect that... and there was a prize at the end for us grown ups =P
the horses were beautiful at the Busch stables..

here are my pseudo kids posing.. my real ones were having some attitude issues about this time!

you can't really tell how ginormous these things were! Andrew took this with the point and shoot.. so its a little grainy... their feet were HUGE! what amazing , mammoth creatures these horses were.
in fact the first one that Kelli and I came up to, was just standing there in all his man-hood glory! seriously.. I think he had just taken a pee, or something... it was kinda like a train wreck... you just couldn't look away...
"hung like a horse" doesn't hold a candle to 'hung like a clydesdale" !
luckily the bars on the stable, were high enough, the kids couldn't see... oh, the explanation of that to 4 year olds would have been interesting!

I actually have a faint memory of this from when I was a kid... you actually go into this huge pen armed with baby bottles of milk.. and literally get mauled by baby goats.. just ask our friend Greg! I think he is seriously scarred for life.. and he needed a clean pair of shorts when he was done!! - don't ask.

Tatum was thrilled about this new experience. But we felt that every child should feed bottles to baby goats before they are two years old!

Brigham was being punished at the time, so he didn't get to go in and actually feed the goats. aren't we mean parents... make him stand within inches of his sister getting to do it!! LOL

Eagles of course. Brigham has an imaginary friend names 'Eagle', ( don't ask!), so we had to spend quite some time, interacting with these birds!! LOL

Brigham was so into these turtles! I forgot how slow and uneventful turtles are!

Tatum was willing , unlike her brother to come within arms reach of the horse... she still wimpered a bit!

our prize for unduring ridiculously hot and stinky conditions, fussy kids, and husbands, and pretending to be in awe at the guinea pigs on display.. (seriously,they had an entire 'guinea pig habitat', b/c every farm has one right?)
TWO FREE tastes(actaully 16 oz) of refreshing, wonderful , filled with alcohol, anything of our choice beverages!!!
They had pretty much anything the company makes , there on tap or in bottle, so I tried their new vodka/rasberry.. kinda like a smirnoff but better!

then we boarded the train.. thank goodness, because we all just downed 32oz of fun drinks, and headed where... to the Budweiser Brewery of course!
they even come over the loudspeaker on the train back, telling you that the brewery is still open, so head on over...
stay tuned for those pics!


Rita said...

yay for fun drinks and a fun day! looks like you guys had a blast. great pics e!!! thanks for sharing xo

Erika said...

Looks like a super fun day. You got some great pictures!

Heather C. said...

Ummm, I've seen those horses in real life and they are huge! They came to a little town next to us for some unknown reason and trotted around the town was pretty impressive...and I'm all for free drinks, of course, even though I'm not a "Bud" girl..more of a Miller Lite, but I digress..looks like fun!

charlotte and clarke said...

Sounds like a fun trip, I love the pics. I love your blog! The music is a fun addition. Thanks for coming last night, we had a great time!

lisa dickinson said...

OK, if you hadn't encountered the whole horse peeing thing, it sounds like a perfect day! :)


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