Saturday, August 02, 2008

out of reality

yep thats right... we're on the vacay.....WHOOP WHOOP!
actually, we're nearing the end of it, but we've been on the go so much that blogging has had to take the back seat for awhile!! LOL

We are in the steamy hotness of ST. Louis with awesome friends, having a fabulous time!
The weather has been in the high 90's each day , cept for the zoo day, when it was cloudy and rainy... but gave us the true 'rainforest' experience, not to mention, we pretty much had the entire place to our selves. BONUS.

Well, we're off for the day again... get ready for a fun recap.. as I have dumped between 200-300 pics on the ol' laptop almost every day!! not only am I tourist,but I am also a scrapbooker.. and that means not only capturing EVERY thing, but that also means.. CREATING things, that I know will make a cool scrappy
I 've been trying for a year to bring my friend Kelli over to the dark side ... lol, after this trip together,I may just have won her over!! =)
We're planning a scrap St Louis get together!! lol
ok, so I really need to get, and I haven't been able to blog hop since we've been, gone, so I look forward to catching up with ya'll soon.
Oh, and I have to give a big shout out to my friend Sarah, who called us Thursday just after the arrival of MAX!!!(Sarah is the gorgeous blonde on my slide show, who bared her prego belly for me =)
He was a big chunk at 9lbs 14 oz... but thank goodness, he FINALLY decided to introduce himself to the world... SO a huge congratulations for the R family.. I can't wait to get my hands(ok, my camera) on that little pudge!!!

Enjoy the weekend, and I promise to post pics in between the loads of laundry next week!! eck!


lisa dickinson said...

enjoy your va-cay, girl! can't wait to see pics!

Janette said...

Have a wonderful vacation. Can't wait to see the pics.

Kat said...

yay for vacations!!!!
just catching up- love all your pictures! didn't realize that you were doing the photography thing, doing a great job! oh, and B's bday party looked amazing!


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