Thursday, October 02, 2008

I'll take it anyway I can get it..

weight loss that is!! In the last 2 weeks, I have had several people say to me "gosh, You look so good! have you lost weight?!!"
my response is always the same.. "NOPE, the scales still say the same thing!"
now you all remember that I was rallying myself up to start this weight loss/work out thing right?
well.. nothing has happened further than that. I am wondering if this all goes back to the SECRET.. ya know if you think positive things.. and create a positive energy around you , than you will get positive results..
Hm.mmm , maybe thats it! just thinking about it doing something is dropping my weight! If this continues to work.. I'll probably have to write a book!! LOL
But I guess, I kinda want to know.. did I just look like a fat cow before hand... ?
So yeah.. got my hair cut and colored last Friday.. it was so wonderful to just have 2.5 hours of peace and quiet.. other than gabbing with my stylist!
Tatum finally got to go to the moms' time out at our old church , since she is walking now.. so both kids went, and they seemed to have a great time together!.. mental note.. I need more 'mommy time'.
so anyway.. so $110 dollars later, my hair was a tad shorter and 3 different colors.. I hadn't had a foil in like 5 months, so I was due.. but I wanted to go a bit darker since we're heading into fall/winter.
My husband just doesn't get how I can pay that much! I tell him that its actually cheaper than a lot of places.. and really it was only $85, and the rest was tip!
So what do you gals think... $25 too much for a tip at the salon? I know they work on commission, so I just feel like I should be a bit generous...

Our church celebrated its SECOND birthday on Sunday with a big picnic and I did the cakes for it. I played off our logo in the first one.. and our church is actually going thru a transitional phase of changing its name to Clear River Church.. so I thought I would do a subliminal message by using the crystal blue(like a river) sprinkles on the second cake.(not sure why it won't rotate)
We brought my cousin Alex to church with us, since he just started at Purdue this fall. Our church has a lot of young people(college students) and its just a really 'cool' and 'real' and 'rockin' place , where it is so evident people are living out their faith. Its such a refreshing place to be. I hope we hooked him!! LOL

On Saturday, we went to my cousin's daughter's first birthday party! It was our 6th birthday party in the month of September! crazy!! LOL
it was so fun to see Tatum and her Mallory interact. .they're only 5 months apart.. little people are so cute!
Here is my grandma with her kids... she's 85 and still seems like she is 70! She endures the heat, and the kids climbing all over her. I actually felt bad, because she really wanted to pick up Tatum and stuff.. but with her new found freedom.. Tatum wanted none of that!

I said goodbye on Wednesday... after three years of selling jewels for SILPADA DESIGNS.... I held an open house and liquidated a bunch of stuff. When I started this, there were 2 other reps in the area.. now there are a bunch.. and the whole home party thing is a little tough for me.. I never want to push my friends.. and I hate to make them feel like they need to host a party.. when they are really just doing it to be nice!
My goal was to make enough money to buy this. And I made more than enough to cover it! I was a happy girl.. and now I am stalking my mail man =)

can you believe that all this jewelry is mine! 98 % of my inventory is still in the current catalog! If you're local and are interested in shopping my sale table.. just let me know! Or if you see something in the catalog, . may want to see if I have it in stock! its 40% off!!

and wouldn't you know.. on the day of my big open house... my little guy gets sick..
like, throws up all over himself and seat in the car on the way home from preschool kinda sick!
I DO NOT deal with vomit. I repeat... I DO NOT deal with vomit.
especially when I had a number of guests planning to arrive at my house in less than an hour.. and I had to prep the food and set up my table. and do one last vacuum!
and so I stripped him down.. (we left everything else in the garage for daddy when he got home)
and put him in the bath. I was racing around getting things ready.. and the poor guy gets out of the bath and pukes 4-5 more times!
He was so excited as people started arriving( and someone came 15 min early!! and offered to go clean up the car seat.. ack!)that I could not get him to take a nap.
Finally around 4pm, he just crashed right on the edge of the couch! I transferred him to bed, and slept until around 7pm! At which time, he got up, and was still not himself. He had a temp and so we tried to feed him a bit, which he wouldn't eat anything, and then sent him back to bed! poor little guy! He was miserable. I kept him home from school the next day, but we did go meet some friends for lunch at the park. He was ok by then, and the fresh air was good for him!

but this was just such a sad sight.. he just wanted to keep sitting there so if he had to 'swallow that yucky stuff again '.. (is what he called it!)

just some recent pics from the park.. had these gigantic lollipops since like May... and forgot about them!!

some creating I 've been doing... love this one of my kiddos... its too bad that the colors clash with my decor... trying to figure out if it would still have the same effect if it was in b/w....

and this sweet one that I did as a surprise for my friend Summer..

My photography class ended so I have some shots from the field to share.. not sure it was totally worth the money.. but as my mom and husband said.. 'if you learned just ONE new thing.. it was worth it".. and I did learn one thing.. er, maybe two things.. so I guess it was worth it =P

well, its Thursday afternoon.. kid #2 is about to go down for a nap.. and I am going to clean bathrooms, and then take a nap.. see if I can rid myself of this horrible stomach pain I have had for the last few days... seriously, its like my whole mid section throbbing.. not sure what's causing it.. and that compiled with the lovely heart burn I have been getting this week has kinda made me grumpy..

here's to a happy weekend!


heather said...

Well, you are looking quite cute with your new hair! Cute, cute..great pic of you! I need some time with my hairdresser too soon..thinking of going shorter...

Please discover a way to lose weight with positive thinking!

Love your photo collages!

Poor little guy..I'm a nurse and don't do puke well either...or poop for that matter..or any body excretions really..I still gag

Enjoy your new zoom! I've enjoyed this lens...however, must add to your list for next is the 50mm 1.4...girl, I'm serious..!

I have that plaid tablecloth you have your jewelry on..funny...

Janette said...

Love your hair! You are looking HOT. Sorry to hear your little guy got so sick. I remember those days when my kids were little. Always got sick when things were busy. BUT such is life.

You are going to LOVE I repeat LOVE that lens. As you know I have it and it's on my camera a lot. That and my 50mm 1.4 or my macro. Isn't photography fun? =)

P.S. I have made thanksgiving cards in my new scrap room this week. As you know thanksgiving in Canada is in October! =) Have a great weekend.

Niki said...

Congrats on the weight loss...however it happened! :) I like your hair too....looks good! I am thinking of cutting mine but I always chicken out so I'm thinking it won't happen anytime soon :) I'm a wuss!

charlotte and clarke said...

Hey girl it's been awhile since I've seen you. You look absolutely adorable, amazing pics! Hey can I sign up for family pictures this fall? We want to get together with you guys soon!


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