Saturday, November 08, 2008

a family photoshoot take ONE

so I have been busy taking family pictures of so many other people's families, that I figured before its gets away from me, I'd better get our family shoot taken care of.. I want to be on top of my Christmas cards this year! We headed out last Sunday evening... had in my mind all day that we would start at 5:30p.. this time has been working out great for other shoots( I usually take them mid morning or early evening) so we are racing around to get outfits on etc, and then we run over to my friend Charolette's to pick up a bow (since Miss T has to have a bow, and would you believe I did not have a red one?!).. so then we get over to the park, and I am like... holy cow, where did all the sunlight go?
Dang, Day light savings!! We really should have been out there at 4:30pm!! Well we busted out a few, and really there were only TWO that I liked of myself. Of course the hubby and kiddos looked great in all of them! And then in the two of me.. one- my bra strap was showing, and two- my boob was totally hanging out... but I was smiling! Of course, Andrew says that's the BEST picture of them all.. but Um, not thinking I want it as our Christmas card.. lol
Love this one of Tatum and Daddy!

So we headed out this morning for Family photo shoot take TWO. By now, the leaves had nearly fallen off the trees... and it was windy as all get out... and pretty chilly... ugh.
but we were racing around enough, that we stayed kinda warm. Our faced will just be red, eyes watery, and snot pasted to our cheeks!
Oh well. such is life.
I'll post the results when I'm done editing them.

Going to enjoy this dreary Sat. afternoon scrap booking while the kids nap. Andrew is out for a few hours with a friend so I've got no interruptions. Although, I am praying that my mojo will be back.. tried to scrap earlier this week.. and have just been in a funk. uck. hate it when that happens.
Then tonight we have a date night to celebrate Andrew's birthday!
Hope you're all having a great weekend =)


Nicole said...

Hey there! What a BEAUTIFUL family you have... I am with you on the daylight savings time. It is pitch dark by 6 p.m. It makes me feel like I need to rush to get the kids to bed - and then I realize the day isn't nearly over yet! :-) Glad you got some shots that work... Girl, that is awesome that you are a photographer! LOVE IT!

Anonymous said...

I love that Tatum loves the kitchen!! I did too when I was little, mom has video of it lol. and I also love the cute jeans you made...adorable

Love, Cousin Hannah

Janette said...

Love those photos. Can't wait to see the others!


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