Sunday, November 02, 2008

its all about the candy!!

And our crew scored their fair share of it, thats for sure!! We went to our friends house for dinner and then got everyone dressed and ready to head out on the streets. It was a tad eery, because, our cowgirl, bride, and knight in shining armor were the only ones on the street! Our goal was to head out around 6:30pm, but it was kinda strange b/c it still wasn't dark yet! So we goofed around taking pictures and stuff, and around 7:00p and started down the street. We were all joking like, " it is the 31st , isn't it?".. seriously, it was so weird.
After the 4th or 5th house, we saw another two kids, but then went down nearly an entire street and didn't see a single ghost or gobblin!! The weather was so perfect. My friend and I had been saying we weren't sure how long we'd last with the babies, but they are walking now and with the weather in the 60's.. we had no reason to slow down! Little Carter was the sweetest little dog but he didn't sit still long enough for me to snap a good picture.. I'll have to snag one from them, for the scrap page.. got to document them again this year!! whoops thought I had one of the two little ones.. Guess its on my slide show to the left.

So Master Brigham dropped his princess early on to escort his bride Hannah. These two are seriously inseperable. they get along fabulously. actually all the kids .. and adults do. maybe thats why we do so much together? (speaking of, I just realized I only got thru about 2 days of our vacation from this summer.. maybe I'll try and update with pics later this week!)

and this was our pretty pretty princess. love her sparkly shoes. HAD to get them for her dress! she actually got out of the stroller for one house, but kept going up the walk, and turning around, and then up the walk and turning around.. the woman at the door thought it was a riot!
we are kinda annoyed, as the older kids were off and running to the next house, so I had to scoop T up and then carry her to the next one. Carter is 6 weeks older, and a lot more steady on his feet.. Tatum just sorta takes her time, and with the dark and grass.. she was not moving fast..
I think she was just as content watching from the stroller! She probably though, "why am I in this crazy get up anyway?"!!!

Her magic wand, which was either bopping people (including herself) on the head, or in her mouth

she fully understood as the kids nearly broke down the door and dumped their loot all over the floor..

and while he ate like 52 pieces of candy that night.. he hasn't asked for any since!
The same thing happend last year too.. mommy and daddy ate some of the good stuff, and then within a few days, the rest was in the garbage.
He's all about the gum, for some reason this year.. and I am being a mean mommy and not ready to give my baby gum. heck, I still worry about hard candy. * sigh*
any mama's out there have advice on when to give in?
Hope you all had a great Halloween! Here's hoping that you survived the sugar highs!! LOL
In other news... PURDUE BEAT MICHIGAN on Saturday!! WHOOOO HOOO!


Ann said...

Great costumes! I'm embarassed to say I only have a group shot (seven kids plus two babies)--blame it on preggo brain. To funny that you didn't see any other ToTers--we live one block of the main ToT drag, our friends who live there literally go through 600+ pieces of candy.

This is the first Halloween I've let H&H (they're 6 and 4) have gum, though they've had it on occasion before. And once it comes out of your mouth (for any reason) it goes in the trash! I do still have the rule that you must be sitting at the table with a sucker, and I don't let Harmony have hard candy yet (Henry can, but only while sitting at the table...he usually spits it out so he can go do something else).

Emily said...

We didn't didn't have as many kids out this year either. We should have had all of you guys over and might have avoided the big political argument we got into with our in-laws. The holidays are always so much fun . . . ha!! Your kids are very cute as well as the Koutsouros kids. By the way, I've already pitched some of our candy!! I pitch all the cheap candy first thing. (no need to waste calories on them) LOL


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