Friday, November 21, 2008

gobble gobble gobble

Brigham helped me make these for his Thanksgiving Feast at school yesterday. so cute aren't they?
and here is my little guy as an Indian. Last year they held his program in his room with just his class, and this year they combined the 3 day and the 4 day Pre K classes and put them in one big room. However, I was not aware of this, and therefore did not get there early to get a prime spot.. we were all the way in the back.. but I did scoot up front for a few pictures.. but its hard with all the other head's and video equipment.. LOL
the lighting is really bad too.. oh well...

They were pretty stinkin cute! They sang 3 songs and recited 3 bible verses. I was pretty impressed! He hadn't given us one hint what they had been workin on! And it really just melts me to hear him spout out scripture like this. Andrew missed his program because he was in Michigan for work this week, so I had Brigham re-inact his songs and verses today and I got a little movie of it.
That is one thing we have never had... a video recorder..(dvd) or anything... I hinted and hinted right before we had Brigham but no one caught on. Thankfully our good friends Charles and Stephanie were there to capture all of Brigham's first moments(actually his first couple hours.. lol). We will treasure that gift from our friends forever.
Poor Tatum didn't make film =(.

funny... all the other kids have their hands across their chest... not sure what Brig was doing here...

He was pretty proud of his bead necklace. And remember when I said I had to go get white Tshirts.. well, they tea stained them, and fringed and beaded them.. MUCH cuter than tye dye..LOL
Well.. I am off to clean up the house, something that was lacking since Andrew has been gone.. so now I must hurry to play catch up , oh, and perhaps take a shower before he gets home.
I have a family movie night planned..which was totally stolen from Heather. She is like a real life Martha Stewert. Seriously, if you're looking for fun ways to get thru the cold winter months.. check out all her creativness with her kids!!
Have a great weekend ya'll !!


Emily said...

I love the little turkey treats!! Noah may have to make them. :) Our big boys are growing up too quickly!

Nicole said...

LOVE the little turkeys you made. They are too cute! I did some of those a few years back - or something like them. I am going to try turkey cupcakes on Wednesday with the kids. Keeping my fingers crossed they turn out half as good as yours did. :-) have a Happy Thanksgiving!


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