Monday, November 17, 2008

tis the season...

yep. its here. and it came much earlier this year I might add.
we were out in the stores last week, and the deocrations are up. the shelves are overflowing. the aisleways are crammed tight. the carols are pumping thru the air.
we had an impromptu visit with Santa (but will have to go back for THE picture).
the talk shows are all giving advice. though today on Regis and Kelly, I did get some good ideas.
home parties are in full swing.. I have had 6 invitations so far....
I really get giddy this time of year.. but I have got to get caught up on photo edits, and card creatings before I start any shopping.
we're all sick around here too.... hoping by week's end, we'll all be on the mend!!
happy Monday!

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