Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas prep recap

*wrote the letter to Santa
he was not being supervised, and when I came into see what he wrote, it read 'Dear Santa,'
and then a bunch of scribbles, like he was writing in cursive.. lol
we told him he better use words, if he wanted Santa to know what toy he wanted!!
*took it with us to the local parade, where the mail carriers were collecting them
It was a bitter cold day, but we enjoyed a front row seat from the coziness of couches in front of a huge picture window in my mom's office. The kids had so much fun, and the adults didn't have to worry about keeping hats and mittens on the kids! It was super fun to see the babies, Tatum and Carter, interact this year. They squealed with delight as the parade marched by!

*the boys went on the perfect tree hunt, while the girls stayed warm and made hot chocolate to treat them after their hard work.. lol

he searched, and searched....

and found the perfect one!

and paid for it all by himself

*traditional tree pics were taken, though these were pretty impromptu.... still want to get the two of them sitting together

*candy house was built.. and unlike last year, when mama almost hyper ventilated b/c of the random- absolutely-no -order-whatsoever-to decorating-the candy house,
This year, my boy was meticulous. seriously, the little yellow gumdrops in the windows, are people looking out!!

Andrew and I had a date night two weekends ago, where we got almost all the shopping done!
just a few more things on our list, and we're done!
We tried a new irish pub that opened in town.. while the atmosphere was super cool(though I couldn't partake in me good ol' frothy beverage)... the service was pretty terrible, and the food was just ok.
My brother works at the other location and it is pretty hoppin all the time.In fact that is where I had Andrew's surprise 30th birthday party last year!
This one, however, needs to iron out the kinks.
We grabbed some Starbucks on the way home, and just enjoyed the quiet of a child-less night!
Over the weekend Brigham and grandma made cookies, and then they were all brought home, so we could decorate them.
I made a cake for someone on Saturday.. a Nemo one, turned out pretty cute.. so I had all this left over icing.. which we put to good use!
Got to bake some cookies for Brigham's Christmas program on Wednesday, and figure out something to take for a party we have Wed evening
This week is gonna be busy.. hope to post some more later on this week..
I can hardly believe next week is Christmas!
Did it sneak up on us this year or what??

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Emily said...

The Christmas pictures are very sweet! (I think Vincent's hair is almost as long as Tatum's b/c I haven't cut it yet!!)


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