Monday, December 29, 2008

so I am a tad behind....

the Friday before Christmas, we had just a few last minute gifty things to get. and we had never gotten back to the mall to see Mr. C, so Andrew took off a couple hours early from work.. we ate a relaxed dinner at our second favorite place next to Little Mexico, which is Macalister's Deli.
An amazingly large menu (perfect when we all have different cravings =P).... and kids meals are just $1.99!! and they come with teddy grams! and their sweet tea is DELISH. We waited in the smoke infested line with several little brats, ahem.. children waiting to see the big guy.
We always forget, why it is that we don't go to the mall. especially on a Friday night. seriously every hill jack from every little surrounding town, seems to put on their finest Nas(ty) car or Carhardts and crawl their way to THE mall. ugh.
but we do it for the children right?
I went off to scope out a good hiding place from which to use my ultra zoom lens, b/c we were not going to pay those ridiculous prices for the totally awful pictures, that they print out.
Brigham of course ran up to SC , but Tatum clinched tightly to Andrew's neck and started shaking profusely. Um. not the year for her picture with the fat man.

but they were dressed so cute, that I was dying to get a picture of the two of them. So I scoped out a little tree half way down the mall, but of course my 19 month old wanted to no part of it.

I am now losing that perfectly poser, sit -for- hours -in -front- of -the- camera- for- mommy -and loving it, little girl.
I am experiencing what the moms of my 2 year old clients deal with. ah. the joys.

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J said...

ahhhhh...2 year olds...ahem...

They looked SO cute though!

and love the elfs you had!


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