Monday, December 29, 2008

we said good- bye

to Frank and Charlie. these devious dudes arrive around the first or second week of December. They are sent by Santa to keep an eye on Brigham and Tatum. They are pretty harmless.. they sleep during the day.. but if they are fed their required crackers and water(which Brigham seemingly forgot, and so dad had to step in..) then they came alive and ruled the house while we were all tucked in bed.

Brigham awoke to find them doing gymnastics from the kitchen chandelier, playing in his toy box, jumping on the couch, driving away in his Diego Jeep, among other activities.
They report back to SC on how the kiddos are behaving and then head back to the North Pole with Santa after he's visited.
I'd been meaning to introduce my blog friends to Frank and Charlie when they arrived, but alas...there is too much to blog about and not enough time, to actually DO it...

I had small helpers in the kitchen on the day of Christmas eve, as we baked lots and lots of cookies... snicker doodles, sugar cookies(which are still not iced), choco chip(as requested by Santa) and white choco covered pretzels.

these were supposed to be delivered to our neighbors, prior to Christmas, but with temperatures in the , well.. ONES, TWOS, and ZEROS.. we opted to wait, and now they'll be our Happy New Year treats!

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Janette said...

Did you have Frank and Charlie around last year too? I've seen them before. =) Looks like they were up to lots of tricks. I would be very sad to see them go.

Hope you had a blessed christmas. Happy new year!


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