Thursday, December 18, 2008

not gonna get mother of the year award

not that I actually thought I had a chance at winning.. but ya know, I feed them, clothe them, bathe them, keep a roof over their heads... so perhaps maybe a second place ribbon was in my future.. but there is no way.

Not when you forget your son's Christmas program at school.

Nope. and you have the guilt to last a lifetime.seriously, how could this happen?
I have had it down on the calendar for Wed. Dec 17th, for a month.

My kid has been practicing his songs. Every day when I pick him up from PreK , he'll be singing away in the back seat... and he's told me there were some 'surprises' for mom and dad too.

So how does this happen?

My mom and I took Brigham to the Christmas show on Sunday afternoon at Purdue(purdue musical organizations).
I was sang as a Purduette in college, so it was exciting for me to take my child and point up stage and show him 'what mommy did' a long time ago! This was a big year too, they were celebrating 75 years of the show. My dad ( a former Glee Clubber) came back to sing in the shows as alumni.
Half way thru, the poor kid started coughing.. and then his eyes were all watery. By the time we got home, he was sneezing..
so into jammies he went, soup, oj, and medicine, and then we put him to bed.
We kept telling him, he had to be well for his program on Wednesday.
Monday, he slept in, actually we all did. Cept Andrew who went in to work overtime all day.
We layed low, and he seemed to be better, but by dinner time, he was getting a rash all over his face, and kinda felt warm.
We bundled up the kids so we could take a dinner to our friends who just had a baby. (he stayed in the car w/ his germs) and we came home, tried to get him to eat dinner, gave him some medicine and sent him to bed.
We told him he had to be well for his program on Wednesday.
He was seemed a lot better, but I decided to keep him home Tuesday just to make sure he was tip top, and he slept in until 9:45, while his sister did not awake til after 10am!!
It was bitter cold here, so we didn't venture out at all.
stayed in pj's all day.
By noon, I could tell, he was back to his crazy healthy self.
The weather was getting pretty bad, and I still had to get to the store to get stuff to make cookies to take to the program on Wednesday.
My wonderful husband braved the roads home from work, got my list, and headed out again to get the ingredients for the super cute cookies I was making to take.
Just as I was prepping the cookies, the phone rings. Its my friend Sylvia. (also a mom of a boy in Brig's class)
She wants to know if everything is ok, because we were not at the program that morning.
yeah. so the program was Tuesday morning.
I am a total loser.
and then I had to tell Brigham.
and I told me 'I am really sad, that I don't get to be in my program'.
and I wanted to curl up in a ball and die.
and then I called my mom to tell her, b/c her grandson was very excited to have his grandma watch him perform.
and my mom says to me ' what kind of a mom are you? what kind of a mom forgets their kid's program?' are you going to lie to him, and tell him it was cancelled?'

and so then I felt a whole lot better..... (sarcasm).

any ideas out there to win back the sweet smile of your little guy?


Summer said...

he'll live. four year olds are resilient and forgiving. what kind of mom are you? a good one. :)
love you.

Ann said...

Well, he was asleep...and even if you had known it was Tuesday, it probably would have been a "no" since he was sick the night before. You're still a blue ribbon mom--he'll have lots more programs :) Maybe he can stage his own at home?

Janette said...

AWE I'm sorry this happened. You know we are human and we forget things. I've forgotten many things in my lifetime and disappointed my kids. It was an honest mistake. XOXO


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