Tuesday, December 30, 2008

the tradition continues

Christmas Eve dinner at the BEST chinese restaurant in town! Our church didn't hold a Christmas Eve service, so we checked out another church across town. The first two songs were Feliz Navis Dad and Jingle Bell Rock. They never did have a sermon.I'm all for support of the troops away from their families, but seriously, did they need to do a 10 minute video of clips from Inside Edition and youtube, set to "I'll be home for Christmas?"
They did call all the children up front, to which Brigham leaped out of his seat, before we could even tell him it was ok. He of course raised his hand with the first volunteer request, and got to set up the nativity scene on stage. After the kids were released, Brig stayed up having a big old conversation with the pastor. The kid is not shy.

we ate and ate, and ate.

Tatum loved the crab rangoon, eggrolls, and chicken fried rice!

We got back to our house, for our traditional dessert and gift opening. Here is my little brother, Brian. He's not a fan of the camera, but since I hardly have any pics of him, I forced him!!

trying to capture a quick pose in their fancy clothes, before they changed into their new Christmas pj's.

the sugar has set in, and the exitement and anticipation of what is under the tree is too much!

Our little diva. yep. she is all Princess. got the jewels. the wand. the gloves. the purse.

and the belly.

my brother is kinda the scrooge around Christmas. doesn't get into the decorations, festivites, presents or anything like that. He always says there is nothing he 'needs'.
well, I found the home run winner for him.

An English Bulldog bronzed pewter bottle opener.
He is a huge bulldog lover and is quite the lover of fine wines and exotic imports.

The seond I saw this gem in the pottery barn catolog, I knew it would made him smile. YAY!

and here are the munchkins, patiently waiting for grandpa to take off the packaging of their new magnadoodles!

forgot to add, that my diva grabs her cap, any time she can get it. this was Andrew's brand new Broncho's hat.
perhaps she'll have a career in the hip hop industry rather then the modeling one.

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Shelly said...

awww...your Christmas pics are so cute and I LOVE the Chinese restaurant tradition...so NOT traditional! :) We just ordered that exact menu your daughter loves for dinner tonight because it's our kids' favorites.

I made the book through snapfish this time because Oprah gave them away free. I've also done them through Creative Memories. I LOVE them! Happy New Year!


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