Friday, December 19, 2008

a grin that melt's a mother's heart

YAY!!! I may have scored back some I was planning on dressing Brigham up in his fancy clothes to go to school on Wednesday , since he didn't get to wear it on Tuesday. My mom called me early Wednesday morning and said she had talked to a friend whose granddaughter was in the program the day before, and she had thought that Brig's class was singing again.
So I called the church and THEY WERE! I did a happy dance, and ran to move Brigham along and told him to hurry because his program was today!

of course with a 4 year old, a little argument took place about who was right b/c he was sure that his program was the day before and that he had missed it! I excitedly told him that we got a 'do -over' and that he got to sing today.

His teachers let him stay with the other class and then proceed downstairs for the 'party'.
Andrew and grandma both were able to come and we were so proud of our little entertainer!
It is really sweet to see these little faces lit with joy, and hear their little off tune voices singing about the birth of sweet baby Jesus.

The teachers had dressed the kids up , a few weeks earlier and made this video, that played before and after the program.
Last year Brigham was a Shepard. This year he was Joseph. He had been talking about it for weeks.
I am so happy that we were able to see him(He's in the top left).

And afterwards, we went to the union at Purdue to see the BIG tree. This is a tradition for us to go eat in the diner downstairs, and check out the huge gingerbread house!

Tatum met some new friends!

I stopped counting at how many times I told them not to touch. And when their mouths were full, I just gave up! How do have to little ones playing in an edible house, and expect them not to want to take a nibble? Its Christmas after all, so I let them have fun!

and we tried to get some pictures in front of the ginormous, 3 story tree.

I think that the sugar may have kicked in by now!!!
So thank you so much for your sweet comments and encouragement about the program mis hap.
Everything worked out great and I couldn't have had a more thrilled little boy!
We went to a life group Holiday party that evening and he and his little friend Gabby stood on the fireplace hearth and re-created the show for us all. It was awesome to once again, witness the wonder, and belief in these little ones.
Last night we spent the evening with some good friends and their sweet 9 day old baby girl.
We had not gotten together with them since late August, so the kids all played well together and the adults had great conversation and we made Buckeyes and had wonderfully good hot chocolate! YUMM.
It was nearly midnight before we left, and we headed out to a total sheet of ice. Yep. the winter ice warning they talked about, actually came. we drove like 5 miles an hour home. but we made it safely.
So we're off to see that fat man in a red suit, and try to cross some last things off our lists.
Then its our traditional drive -around -and -look-at -the- lights journey.
There are some pretty cool ones , we've scoped out that have synchronized w/ music and stuff.. so with the ice/snow it should be gorgeous!


J said...

oh, gosh, glad that worked out..I would have felt horrible too..but so glad he got to get his performance on! HA..he is just the cutest thing..that little face, I want to pinch it! and doesn't Tatum look all stylish in her cute little outfit! Sounds like you've been busy!

Janette said...

WONDERFUL NEWS!!! See it all worked out!!! Such sweet and adorable photos. Your kids are so cuteeee. Can't wait to see what the third one looks like. =)

Hey thanks for the card. I got it the other day. It was very sweet of you.

Have a great weekend.


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