Sunday, June 07, 2009

colorado part -1

since I have so many pictures, and life seems to not have slown down....(I hosted a going away party for some friends who are moving in a couple weeks, throwing a baby shower this coming weekend, just got back from a get away at Turkey Run State Park, trying to shop for and decide on a new vehicle, get Brigham's new dresser painted and organized, keep up with my garden, editing pics from a couple photo sessions, oh, and I just entered my 37th week of pregnancy!)
so we'll share bits and pieces from our trip. the main reason we headed out was to see this guy get all graduated from high school !!

Andrew and his younger brother. oh, yeah.. not to shock you all, I may have never mentioned that their dad is black. (Andrew didn't get the same . ok, so it is his step dad.. but whatever.
tried some 'cool' action shots for an almost 18 year old!
caught Jacob and his friend giving knuckles as they processed thru up the aisle
Andrew's mom and dad and Jacob

kinda look like I am about to bust out huh? I really popped during this trip!!
since we didn't buy the cheesy PreK graduation pics, and his colors were the same as Jacob's high school, we snagged another hat, and had him pose! LOL actually when we gave Jacob his card w/ money, we gave Brigham one that was for PreK graduates! He thought it was the coolest!
and Ta Ta with " J".. shorty after we were there, she took a liking to Jacob, and nick named him "J",.. so the rest of the time, we heard these little squeals for JJJJJJJJJJJJ!.. she wanted to be with him and show him everything all the time!

So Mr. Broomfield High, gets a couple months to goof around (not really, he is working like a mad person!) before heading up to college at University of Northern Colorado. We wish him the best of luck, and know he will do great!

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