Monday, June 22, 2009

ready and waiting....

for baby to arrive!!!

sadly, and with a little depression, I must post that I no longer own Gretta the Jetta.
(my first brand new car, picked out and bought be me when I moved to OH)
ahhhhh the memories she has brought me/us over the years.....

(sniff, sniff) We knew for awhile that this sporty and trendy car would soon be a thing of the past, but it has now become a reality. We really didn't know exactly how we would afford a new van either, but GOD has been in control.

Right before we left for CO, I was getting my hair done, and just casually mentioned to the gal who does my hair that I would soon need to trade in my car.... she said her daughter had just turned 16 and they were 'thinking' of getting her something this fall......

well, I never thought of it again... we were home 3 days , and Mindy called me to see what we were wanting to do about our car. We hadn't even started looking for a van.. (seriously, that is!)

The next few days unfolded very fast, and she committed to the jetta, sight unseen. We gave them an offer.. they took it... then we even upped our price after talking with a dealer and a trade in option . She didn't balk, and had the money to us w/in two days.

We went out one evening.. found about three vans, went the next day to test drive... and then this van was ours:

I am now a mini van mama!
well technically the sales guy let me drive it for 4 days w/o even closing the deal or giving them any money.. weird I know! But I have to say, as sad as I was to say good bye to my little car, I have become quite used to the smell and feel of a new car!

We didn't have to give up the heated leather seats(which my jetta had) and gained TONS of storage space in the stow and go hideaways

the kids are ecstatic with all their cup holders!

We keep finding more bells and whistles on this thing and my jetta actually had every single upgrade except the engine.

the kids, (and myself) are loving the hands free doors opening and closing too!

they think its magic!! LOL

It has taken me a bit to get used to being up so much higher, but I am loving all the room, that um, the jetta was seriously lacking!!

we also went up in our price point by about $11,000, but amazingly God provided exactly what we needed to be able to make the payments. and Andrew won't have to go get a second job. yeah!

we also got another ride. Miss T is LOVING her new stoller. yep. I spelled it right. she doesn't say the 'r' ! LOL

we were able to find this awesome Eddie Bauer Tandem Stroller that will work with our travel system (also Eddie Bauer) that we already have. and it matched decently!! so glad we didn't have to buy a whole new car seat/carrier for the baby too.

so yeah... we're just waiting now.....

actually last week I lost my *plug*.. (TMI for some.. ahem, Jonell... lol), so I got all excited.. and well nothing else happened last week. My friend Emily was on stand by to transport Brigham to and from VBS.. but we never needed her! BTW, Brigham absolutely LOVED vacation bible school. He has talked non stop about the activities and he has been singing along to the songs in the 'new van'!! I have to admit , I enjoyed the three hour break I got each morning last week, as well.

Life never seems to slow down, and we start two weeks of swimming lessons tomorrow. Should be fun for him- He'll be in the 'bigger' pool. And he is signed up with his friend Hannah, so I think they'll have a good time. just hope he puts his face in the water this year!! LOL

I am still editing pictures from 3 photo sessions and trying to get that all wrapped up before d-day.

I'll keep ya'll posted on the baby scene... been contracting the last couple days. and it seems as if my night out Sat at the Taste of Tippecanoe had paid off. I intentionally walked and walked and ate all spicey food!! We were there for about 5 hours in the heat and humidity.. but there was great music and great friends and awesome food! totally worth it if it sent me into progression too =)

and since I may be losing this look rather soon, I'll leave you with the maternity pics that my friend Farrah took while out in Colorado.

totally going to frame these next two (in b/w) with a pic of baby in the middle!

and this one sums it all up!!!


Jocelyn said...

Such great pic and congrats on the the Mini Van!!! Have a great week!

The Rock Star said...

Oh, I was mentioned! Haha. :)

Nicole said...

Hang in there these final days of waiting. And congrats on the minivan. We are also proud owners of a Town & Country - and LOVE it. Ours is also silver - though perhaps a little older than yours (it was right before stow and go). But it is awesome with the kiddos. Can't wait to hear the big news!

Nicole said...

Hey there - thanks for the heads up on Everette's son... We had no idea! How scary - praise God he is okay! Chat soon friend... Enjoy your day!

Lisa T. Howard said...

Am in LOVE with these photos! And I can TOTALLY see the awesome display of the ones you want to frame with your sweet little new love in the middle. Congrats on the new van! Thinking about you these next few days! :)

Lisa T. Howard said...

Am in LOVE with these photos! And I can TOTALLY see the awesome display of the ones you want to frame with your sweet little new love in the middle. Congrats on the new van! Thinking about you these next few days! :)

Emily said...

Oh Elizabeth, that picture of Tatum with your belly is just SO incredibly adorable!! All of the pictures are great but that one is my favorite!!

Andrew said...

"You're turning violet, Violet!"
-Sam Beauregarde
(in reference to the last picture)

J said...

Ummm, join the ranks of minivan owners..I *heart* my Honda Odyssey..never thought I would, but I do! Your life will be so much the pics..can't wait to see what you have! I must go back to the beach now!

Heather Crawford


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