Tuesday, June 09, 2009

colorado part - 2

{Photography disclaimer: none of these are edited. I have been working on some photo sessions, and frankly am getting behind on the ol' blog.. so you get them fresh off the ol' camera.... lol.} things we did at grandma and grandpa Holland's house in Colorado(though the entire time, Tatum only called grandpa , "gramma". pretty cute, b/c she certianly knew which person she was intending to talk to!!)
1. make your own pizza... Brigham loved this. I think we'll start doing this at home. It was so easy!2. played in the backyard. went down the slide about 5,395 times!!
3. Hung out with cousins. Here is Andrew's brother Jacob, with two cousins, (L) Helen, and (R)Tyeisha. She is prego with number two also. Though being a former Denver Nuggets Dancer, she hardly is showing and she is due any day!!. She also has an adorable little boy that is two months younger than Tatum.

4.Had lots of good times with Daddy

5. Got to go to dinner with the Miller side of cousins. Uncle Scott and Aunt Shireen didn't make the picture, but the handsome Sean and Andre did! They were our super duper babysitters during dinner! Brigham took to their 11 and 13 year old selves quite quickly!!

6. Got to play at City Park in downtown Denver, while Mommy had a photo session. (pictures to be posted soon.. they are amazing!)

7. Had great fun at the Aquarium with grandma, grandpa and cousin Alex who is Brigham's age.
Here they are feeding the stingrays.

8. Played in the fountains outside of the aquarium

9. Grandma and Tatum enjoying the bubble machine

10. Brigham claims this was his favorite thing of the day. Funny, b/c he is not allowed to watch spongebob at home. But he sure knew who he was!!

Got a few more parts of the trip to post about.... thanks for reading!

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