Friday, June 26, 2009

its morning and I am still pregnant!!

kinda been my sayin' for this week... after having many contractions last weekend, and some other 'signs'.. we just thought that this kid was ready to greet the world.
apparently he/she wants to cuddle in the water a bit more!!
We have had 90 degree plus weather this week and horrible humidity.. (but it is IN, so what is new?) We have been taking it easy in the mornings and finally getting out the door for our 11:30 am swimming lessons.
Brigham started off pretty timid, and was told that if he was the 'shallowish ' kid and still had dry hair after the next day's lessons , then we would just stop coming. Tuesday we went to the pool with some friends in the afternoon, and he did ok, in the bigger pool. Still pretty afraid of the deep(3ft.. lol) water! But we did run into some neighbor kids of my mom's that Brigham really looks up to. Well they had all the swim gear and were like fish all over the place.

That night, Andrew took Brigham to Wally World and he picked out goggles and a kick board.
The next day at swim lessons he was like a totally different kid! Who knew that $2.00 goggles would give him the confidence he needed! He has been in the deep water since, and diving to the bottom for rings, and doing all the things his teacher asks. I am so proud of him!

I am taking my camera today to see if I can get some good pics to scrap... though it has been so miserable, that Miss T and I usually stay under the cover and only go watch about 10 min of his lessons!

We spent 3 hours at the park yesterday with some friends, and we are all suffering from red faces and backs.
I did pull out the sunscreen, but apparently it was not high enough spf.. we're all fried... er reddish brown. Poor Brigham keeps asking for a band aid b/c his back hurts!! LOL

well.... better be moving on... have a great day.. stay cool.... and keep watching for updates =)


Lisa T. Howard said...

Anxiously awaiting the appearance of your new little one...but I'm sure not as anxiously as YOU! LOL!

Emily said...

Hang in there . . . so I also tell myself. Of course part of my will be a little sad when this pregnancy ends as it will likely be my last. I have a hard time saying it is my last! LOL Let me know if you need us for anything this week!!


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