Thursday, June 18, 2009

my garden is growing!

one of my favorite things about summer, is all my landscaping! When we moved into our home nearly 4 years ago, there was not a single flower bed. We have spent each summer adding here and there, and I transplanted a ton of perennials from my mom's 'master garden'. This is my happy place. Even now, at days before giving birth, I find myself kneeling (not so gracefully) in the dirt and feeling the earth and smelling the fragrance that surrounds me. I relish in the beauty that God has placed around me. And as my son keeps saying.. " mom, you have a green thumb!"... I am thankful that I am able to keep things living.... here are just some snap shots of what is blooming right now! I love that I have things perfectly placed and times, so that there is always a bit of color in each part of my yard at all times =)

(ps. don't look to closely at the little bistro table... I had a pink table cloth and stuffed bear on it, for a shower I threw for my friend Emily on Sunday). pink is not the color of choice for the front yard.. lol ! (clashes with the house! =)

whoops I lied.... there are some little magenta flowers on this shrub in the front of the house.....

our kitty , Buckeye making his debut on the ol' blog.... doesn't he look thrilled ?

my mom got me this little boy statue when I had Brigham.....

and then she looked all around to find this little girl statue , when Tatum was born.
wonder what kind of statue she will be getting me in a few days?
I am actually pretty exhausted right now, so I am off to take a nap while the kids do. I will update later with pics from the shower I threw on Sunday, as well as an update on the baby scene.
finishing up my 38th week tomorrow!!! yikes~


Emily said...

Beautiful yard . . . I posted something very similar today without pictures b/c i couldn't get them to download!! LOL We must be thinking alike these days.

Jocelyn said...

So pretty!!! It is just like a little paradise!!! Love Buckeye...he does look thrilled!!! Have a great day!!! :)

Heather Crawford said...

SO pretty! You are one busy girl being so pregnant and all! Can't wait to hear what you have!!

Nicole said...

LOVE your beautiful flower beds.. They are gorgeous. Our old house was a blank slate when we moved in to it as well - we did a ton of landscaping... We still haven't gotten everything done here that we'd like - but little by little. :-) I do remember your mom being into gardening - wasn't she on a "master garden" tour of Lafayette or something? Hang in there these final days of your pregnancy... At least it isn't too terribly hot yet. :-) Hugs to you from Indy!

Lisa T. Howard said...

Beautiful gardening results! Wish I had a green thumb. So many of the bloggers I follow are amazing in the garden. Me? Not so much. *sigh* Looking forward to baby news! :)


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