Friday, August 14, 2009

this kid was born for school !!

of course he had to have the right gear first... grandma and Uncle Monkey took him backpack shopping. My mom sent me these pics... I had given strict instructions... NO CHARACTERS!!!! thankfully... Brigham didn't even venture down that way.....

we had actually looked at Target a few days earlier, and I just can't believe how HUGE they are!! I mean.. I didn't want him to have a cutesy one like he had in preschool and preK.. even though I LOVED it! I inquired at my favorite boutique about bigger sizes. and she told me StephenJoseph makes them bigger.. but kinda pricey.
anyway.. we're hoping he can use this 'big kid' one for a couple years at least!
I was pleased with his choice even though it is as big as he is!! LOL

so many choices!!

um, he tried to go with a camo one.. good thing my mom steered him away! Andrew told him he'd never find his backpack anyway!
we are not fans of camo... though I did LOVE his two year old camo cargos.. and I am secretly wanting a pair of camo capris for myself...

and so the time came.......

he had his backpack on 25 minutes early, waiting to go to the bus! He wasn't thrilled about the picture taking.. I can't believe he was resisting at 5 years old!! lol
what do I have to look forward to?
He was SO excited!
but I could tell he was nervous too.. because as we got to the bus stop he was pretty quiet...
had been that way the night before at his open house too.
Plus, I couldn't get a single smile out him!!

Here he is waiting for the bus. I have to say.. I was pretty nervous about the bus riding thing. Having never been on a bus, and only once or twice for public transportation even...
I had totally planned on getting up and taking him and picking him up every day since the school is less than 2 miles away...
Andrew really was encouraging the bus. Then at life group Wednesday , night I was sharing my concerns.. and everyone was talking about how great it was! I guess I can't keep him a mama's boy forever. He does need to experience the socialization that comes on a bus.. you know away from the class room. He does need to be around other kids not just his age as well. I can't just keep him in a little box.......

He was super stoked to get on the bus.. funny, b/c we had never even talked about it really. He never even asked what it would be like...
and he hopped on there, like he had been doing it all his life!!

Not a hug or kiss for mom or dad... not even a "see ya later"!!
Andrew and I had to be at school for a few hours for a parent meeting and to help adjust the kids into the routine. So we got to the front of school before the buses arrived.
We didn't even know what bus number he was on, but as I sat prepped with my camera, Andrew saw him jump off.
And here he came.. and he walked right past me!!
As we yelled his name, he didn't break stride and said "
No, mom, I have to get to my class"
funny guy.
we were about 25 ft behind him walking thru the hallway and heard the principal ask him if he knew where he was going.
"Yep! I know where my class is. "
he said, with confidence!!

Here he is at his desk. such a tiny little desk, that he shares with three others. He knew two other girls from his PreK class, and another girl from gymnastics.

such a good student... already, so focused!!

we had a first assignment to do together.

and here is Ta Ta holding the monkey. Thankfully, we found the stuffed animals, b/c she was about to lose it in the stroller!!

She didn't really seem to care that Brigham was gone for so long... we'll see how it goes next week.
I kept asking her where Brigham went, and she would say
" on the bus!!"
had a little celebration when he got home yesterday, I'll post later.


The Rock Star said...

I you got some great shots! I espeically enjoyed Uncle Monkey and Brigham sporting the backpacks. What a great uncle to go shopping with the kiddo! I also liked the one where he is walking past you with the bus in the background. Cool shots!

I think my mom stopped photographing me around age 4 because I do not have any shots of the bus or anything like that. Strange...

Lisa T. Howard said...

Wonderful, wonderful photos! I wish I had such fantastic shots of my kiddos on their first day of school. Things were quite different then...about 15 years ago! WOW! It really has been that long. Hold them close while you can. It goes way too quickly. I leave tomorrow morning to help my baby set up her first apartment. *sigh*

Thanks for the sweet comment on my whiny post. It was just one of those days. LOL! As for giving up the Diet DP...I've been wanting to do that for years. I'm weaning myself off of it. Today was the first day all week I had a full one. It was a really stressful day at work and I figured why not have one. But the deal is I can't have one tomorrow. I'm giving myself 2 months to break the addiction. Wish me luck! LOL!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend! xoxo L

Jocelyn said...

Oh the pics are just wonderful and I got kinda teary eyed because Evan will be going into First Grade on the 31st!!! I still remember the day my daughter went off to school for the first day...It tugs at your heart...they are still so little and yet so independent!!!!

Heather Crawford said...

Way to go B! Love the picture of him waiting on the bus with it in the background..and love the one of him at his desk...

Watch it now on the character backpacks! I finally just gave in and let Chaz have his Superman one one year and Spiderman one last he's over the


Katie McDowell said...

i am so proud of you for putting him on that bus and letting him be a little man. i love that you documented his day...he looks so happy to be at that desk. congrats on getting one kid off to school!

kels said...

i love these pictures! definitely the one of him listening intently to his teacher... so cute. and i loved at life group how he was showing everyone his red folder but we could only look at the outside... the inside was a secret!


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