Thursday, August 26, 2010

time to wash the dirty duds!

well today is laundry day.. but since I have officially failed miserably at keeping up this week.. I decided that I didn't want my nearly almost lone post of the week to be a downer.. or a gripe, or complaint, or *sighhhhhhhhh* vent of frustration.. ( even though I have had PLENTY go on this week that would give cause for airing the dirty duds). and so I decided that for this entry of 'laundry day' .. I would just go ahead and wash it clean, (out of mind) toss it dry ( again, try and get it out of my mind) and then neatly fold it and put it away .. (really out of my mind) and go about my business. I may come back, if that doesn't actually work. haa.

We've had a super busy week with school activities and such. My photo sessions are keeping me busy and getting me out for some great 'me' time. I am really looking forward to the weekend... got some fun stuff planned.

so for now, I'll leave you with some adorable pics of my *almost* 14 month old!!!
and to see more from his first birthday sessions.. visit here.

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