Monday, October 27, 2008

getting into the spirit of things....

We love to have fun around here as Halloween time approaches! Not like super "death scary or evil " sorts of things.. but just plain spooky fun and practial jokes! Picked up this Frankenstien plate and cup up for Brigham at Target. Got a pumpkin set for Tatum.. makes lunchtime, so much more fun! (and
My mom took Brigham to the Boo at the Zoo(picture above for Daddy's work!) last week. They had all sorts of decorations, and mazed and activites to participate in. We dressed him for the costume contest(which he actually won!..for his division) in last year's costume. We couldn't reveal what he'll be dressing as this year until the 31st.
I always like to surprise my parents by just putting the kids on their doorstep, and running away! I just realized I forgot to order a piece that goes with Brig's outfit, so I hope it will arrive in time!

He actually painted with a huge madagascar hissing cockroach! look how big that thing is!!
He said it wasn't dead.. but it didn't make any noise either.. so I am not sure whether it was alive or not. Either way, it seems a bit gross to me!

My mom paid $5 to get a picture taken of Brigham holding a python! I just haven't scanned it in, but it is hilarious! Here is the little lion with a huge grin on his face, holding this gigantic snake and the head of the snake is like right at his knees! My mom said she had to order the picture, b/c she didn't think I'd believe that he held it! He certainly is much braver than his mama or grandma!

this has nothing to do with prepping for Hallowee, other than she seems to have a frightened look on her face.. lol.
Just wanted to share what litlle Miss has been up to lately. Constantly going into the bathroom and climbling up on the stool , stands in front of the mirror and says " HAIIIIII. HAIIIII."
(which in her own way, is HI. and she waves to herself in the mirror.)
its pretty cute, and she has only fallen a few times. I have to be careful, because often times there are clothes soaking in there, to which she loves to splash in the water...and make a huge mess everywhere!

this fits the holiday spririt, b/c she either looks the cutest little diva or she just resembles a safari animal !

We went to Purdue's Homecoming on Saturday and The pumpkin patch again yesterday.. so as soon, as I get the pics off my camera I'll post again!
Have a great Monday!


heather said...

Ummmmm, I may not be able to visit your blog anymore because of that picture of that frightening roach..seriously, I have a phobia..I'll miss you....

Ann said...

Very cute pics! Family Fun has some cool Halloween recipes--we made some last year (there is a pic of our pre-ToT meal here: Henry remembered the jack-o-lantern quesadillas and already put in a request for this year...I think I'm sending "bones" and "blood" for snack to preschool (breadsticks shaped like bones with marinara sauce)...

charlotte and clarke said...

Hi Millers, thanks for inviting us to the Pumpkin Patch, we had fun hanging out with you guys. We always leave saying "we should do more together." Happy Halloween!

Anonymous said...

OMG I had to tell my bf Jeremy that Brig won the costume contest at the zoo!! Jeremy used to work there and loves the zoo....yay for Brigham! such a cute LION!!!

And Tater IS a diva!! such a cute outfit!!

Love, Cousin Hannah


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