Friday, October 10, 2008

from my photo class

just a few to share... really not sure how much I learned , and I pretty much think the class was way over priced. but oh well. we had a field day, where we went out at 8:30am and I was a bit nervous about taking landscape shots, since I am used to taking pics of people. but oh, my gosh, it was so refreshing!! such a peaceful time, in the early morning hours, just me and my camera...and the sounds of leaves falling and little critters scampering! these closeups make me really want to have a macro lens...but that's waayyyy off in the future!

Just got an email about an online photog class they're offering at SIStv and its only $14.95!!!
They had lots of great reviews, and it seems pretty informative.. and really, who cares if I lose 15 bucks.. better than what I paid before!!
so I have do decide.. it starts Monday.
We have had such a busy, busy week.. gosh, it seems like there is something (or two, or three) things on the calendar every day... and by 10pm I just want to fall asleep!! however, that's when I get sucked into the computer.. and the next thing I know its after midnight!! LOL
I joined Facebook this summer.. and things started off slow... wasn't sure how much time I wanted to spend on it.. (b/c I had done myspace last year.. and really just thought I was 'too' old for that scene..) but on FB, I have reconnected with lots of sorority sisters and past high school friends! its been a great reunion to see all the little babies, and to see what everyone's doing now.
Not to mention a bunch of my local friends are on it so , we chat all the time, which is funny.. that we don't email or call... but chatting online is something I can actually DO while having screaming kids tugging on my arms!!
I think I need to pace myself.. lol, but its been so fun just picking right back up with girls I haven't talked to in over 10 years!!
well, the fall weather is finally here in IN and I am loving it! I love pulling out my browns, greys, and dark green colors from my closet, my darker jeans and comfy cardigans... the smell of leaves, and apple cider.. ( or as Brigham calls it apple sudder) , and the colors are making me all giddy, as I drive around and look for photo opps!! LOL
took the kids out for a trial run last night, b/c the color is starting to really pop at a nearby park.
and I have FOUR photoshoots scheduled for next week, so I needed to scope things out!! Its going to make me crazy busy.. but I love it! even spending the time editing is so much fun and a great creative outlet for me!
I'll get the pics of Brig and Tate up when I am done editing.. *note to self* Bring their father with me on every photo shoot... b/c he puts the fear of God into them, so they'll comply!! LOL
I had a great bible study on Thursday.. been doing the Beth Moore study.. the life of Paul.
It is just so cool to see how he taught, and how he lived out his calling. Even cooler to see that he was a real person, with real emotions and behavior.
Someone told me " you know the characters in the bible , didn't know they were bible characters when they were living out their life".
what a cool perspective.
Its hard to put ourselves in the position of what they went thru, b/c we tend to think that they had some super spiritual strength.(which some did.. but it was thru God)
and we also have to stop and remember that our God is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow!
I've been going thru some yucky stuff lately, and that has really been comforting and encouraging for me!
If you ever have the chance to do a study by Beth Moore, I highly suggest it! or just go check out one of her books! she'll make you stop and think, and really laugh your head off too!!
Had a great long talk with my friend Laura the other day, while the kids enjoyed running around the park.. Don't ya just love it when time spent with a friend is really 'good' time, and not just 'filling up space' time?
sometimes, I feel like all my planning and running is just that it. I am hoping to be more intentional about what I am doing and with whom.
Had a long lunch out with the kids with another friend today.. like we had been talking and the kids were playing at the chic fil a playground, and we realized it was almost 3pm!
um, we had gotten there at noon. seriously, I should take stock in that place, or it least get some sort of discount.. lol.. we end up there 1-2 times a week.. its crazy!
well the kids are napping, and so I need to be a productive house wife and at least clean something...
oh, yeah.. been cooking some fabulous recipes lately, so I'll share them next time. They are real good for this time of year,and super easy too!
hope you all have a great weekend!

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