Monday, October 13, 2008

85 degrees in October?

I took advantage of one cooler evening last week and drug my kids(and husband) to the park.
I bribe them by taking them out for pizza if they're good =)

I am in love with this dress. It reverses to the all over polka dots with a black cat and orange bow on the chest. got it from one of my favorite online shops. ONE OF A KIND KID

My husband is happy, that I am finally taking an interest in this 'house wife' thing.
along with a lasagna and another pasta dish, I made this last week.

pork loin with blackberries

new potatoes with garlica and rosemary

remember how I was really excited for fall?

tried to deck out the house in fallish stuff...

started cooking 'comfort' fallish foods.....(see above pics for yummyness)

pulled out the sweaters and jeans.....
and then last week we had temps in the 80's. It just seems a little wrong that Tatum was dressed in a pretty smocked yellow and pink Laura Ashley dress for church on Sunday! It was a bit chilly , so I added a pink cableknit sweater, but she looked more like she should be debuting the month of May, not October!!

We met our friends Greg and Kelli and kids for lunch at Culvers on Saturday , and it was actually a tad hot sitting outside!


seriously, I was craving some good greens and veggies, and out came this salad covered in lima beans!! yep, there were probably more lima beans than actual pieces of 'ice berg ' lettuce!!

it was so gross.. and even smothered in ranch dressing, I could hardly stomach the $5.99 lima beans in a bowl.

Later that evening we headed to the 7th annual Octoberfest at my friend Jennifer's parents house.
Its always a great time with tons of games for kids.. lots of down home cooked food, and a firepit and hayrides. Brigham had a great time, mostly in the big bounce, and just running around with sticks!! Tatum had fun just keeping up with all the bigger kids. She loved her first toasted marshmallow!!
I had a photo shoot this morning with a wonderful family. It was so much fun, and I've already ear marked 65 pics to edit tonight! I just get a little giddy, when I come back from a session.
Its going to have to wait..until late tonight, b/c I am going out for a girls night with my friend Laura.
We're going to a Breast Cancer Awareness/Fundraisor Fashion Show. Its been several weeks since I have dressed up and gone out for girl time! can't wait.


charlotte and clarke said...

We had a great time this morning. Thanks for sharing your talent with us! Looking at your food makes me hungry, next time include the recipes-yum! I know what you mean about the hot fall, I can't decide how to dress my kids, but looking at the forcast it looks like the warm weather is on the way out. I am excited to see the pics. Thanks again!

Janette said...

Sounds to me like you are enjoy Autumn as much as I am. I love all the comfort foods of the season. I cooked squash 3 times last week. Yummmy. =)

Love those cute pics of the kids. They are looking so grown up. I think you need to have another little one! =) Enjoy your day.

Shelly said...

You have left a comment on my blog a few times so I just had to check you out! Your comments are always very sweet and I appreciate it! I am envious of your pictures! You are amazing. I LOVE photography but I am such an amateur and I am not good at reading my manual and teaching myself, I am SO hands on. I tried to find someone around here to teach me about my camera, but when I met with him he just talked, and talked and I couldn't follow everything he was saying. Can I hire you? :) What kind of camera do you have? I will have to check out your blog now...Good luck with your photography business. I am amazed at how much people are doing on their own now. It's so cool isn't it???


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