Monday, October 06, 2008

even when the outcome isn't good...

we still have fun.

and look cute doing it!
Dang boilers, lost it again... seriously, is is too late in the season to recruit a kicker?
watching another gold and black right now, hoping that Drew Brees can help his team to victory.
other news.. I have just realized that I am a horrible , not the 'has-it-all-together-like-I-thought-I-was' mom of a PreK er....
looked in Brig's back pack tonight.. read the newsletter that had been in there for a week, and also read the THREE notices on things he was supposed to have brought in to school.
So after I drop him off in the morning.. heading to Wally world to pick up some white T shirts, and the family pic that I uploaded this evening.
Apparently they are doing a project with family pictures.. and another one with tye dying..
heaven help, me if that's really what they're doing..and even worse if he's actually supposed to wear it when its finished!! LOL
so, I know I have been hinting around to an announcement.. NO, I am not pg.(at least at this moment, I don't think I am). as some of you have wondered.. (that's another issue.. that I may end up blogging about some day), but I really thought I was ready to spill it about a week ago, and then I decided to make some alterations.. so I have to wait a bit. and so you all have to wait too.
I know you're all just on pins and needles wondering... HA! .. and then when I reveal.. you'll be like "this was it?" , "this was all it was "!!
oh well.. its my blog, and its my game.. =)
I'll leave you with a quote from Brigham as I got a pitcher out of the fridge to pour him a drink-
"mommy, our lemonade is all dirty ... see its all dirty at the bottom!"

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