Friday, January 02, 2009

WELCOME 2009!!!

and good riddance to 2008.
seriously, despite my blog title... this last year was probably the worst year I have ever experienced.
the sad part is that the awfulness of events, not only affected me, but my husband and children too.
I didn't go into any of it on the blog as we were enduring it, b/c that's not the way I roll. Don't like drama. Don't like gossip. Hate to be 'pitied' and don't like to be the center of attention.
Won't go into details, b/c I don't really know who all reads this blog...
lets just say we were completely blindsided and stabbed in the back from people whom we thought were friends.
The kicker was that thru this nearly 9 month situation that ensued, we unfortunately, saw too much hypocrisy, malicious acts, and self righteous and unforgiving behavior coming from men and woman who claim to be followers of Christ.
Deliberate actions taken by these people severed any trust that we had in the relationships. And while Andrew and I repeatedly sought for communication, reconciliation and forgiveness.. the others just pushed for judgement and punishment.
Thank goodness, that during this time, we were attending a series of fantastic sermons at our own church, that spoke directly to what we were experiencing. We were soaking up scripture that only, God could have put in our path, knowing just what we needed.
We felt the power of prayer as others prayed hard for us, (though they didn't know any details of the situation).
It was only through God given strength , that our family was able to endure such anguish and 'bull shit', with out anger or resentment towards those who were afflicting such pain on us.
As we continued to seek God for guidance, we were able to understand why all this was occurring, and have a sense of peace in our hearts. (though not in our minds, as we were forced to deal with new drama , nearly every week!)
We still pray for these people involved(unfortunately, the other parties, made this situation public to many) and hope that they will too feel a sense of peace and forgiving hearts.
Unforgiving can be such a stronghold, that can eat away at one's happiness.
Andrew and I are so very thankful that we have a God who shows grace. This experience was certainly one, in which we were able to extend that grace towards others.
While we have left the door open nearly six months ago to these couples for reconciliation, only God knows the future and what is best for our family.
And so with that, the Miller family is anxiously awaiting to see what things God has planned for our family in 2009.
Most importantly, we want our home to be filled with joy. (thus the stamp on the right of my blog!!)
I hope each of you experience joy in your families as well!
and FYI.. I am still editing the million Christmas morning pictures, and a newborn shoot that I had on the 20th. will share soon!
oh, and some pretty cute ones from New Year's Eve too, (I tried to post ones from last year's celebration, since we were with the same people again.. though it would be fun to see how the babies had grown)....will get to those too.!.


J said...

Geeez, had no idea...yuck..hope things are better this year!

Nicole said...

Hey there... SO sorry to hear about the situation you guys faced. It is no fun when there is division among believers - and it is unfortunate that others treated you so maliciously. Hang in there, and know that when you follow God's ways, He'll rewards you. Also, I'm sure you are a big example to your kiddos on how you handle all of this. Best to you in '09! Hugs!

lisa dickinson said...

oh i hope 2009 is a much better year for you! i love to hear, though, about the way God puts things in your path to remind you He is there. That is so cool. And you, my dear, will come through with flying colors. :) XO!


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