Friday, July 24, 2009

Foto Friday

its newborn baby mania!!
gosh, its such a problem to have a squishy babe just willing and able to be a model for me =) these are some of my favorites taken at five days old, one week, and the last two are from his two week photo session.
He is three weeks old today! gotta , get his session done this afternoon or tomorrow. I am really hoping that some adorable little props that I ordered from ETSY arrive on my doorstep today too!

Beckham is such a good baby. He sleeps, eats and POOPs like a champ. seriously, we are going thru swaddlers and wipes like crazy!!His day is spent sleeping on the couch or tucked in the boppy. He seems to really like being propped up.He is getting plenty of hugs and kisses from big brother and sister. And little mommy, is wanting to be quite the helper!.. walked into the room the other day(heard some escalating whimpering) and found little Miss holding him by the head(he had been sleeping on the couch prior to the whimpering) with one hand and holding his blanket in the other as she tried to put him in his car seat that was sitting on the floor! My heart skipped a beat, but I saw the tenderness in her face, as she genuinely thought she was helping the little one. My guess is that she had picked him up off the couch, and then in walking across the room to the baby seat and blanket, he started slipping. she did get a swat. poor thing.Gotta keep on my toes from now on! His eating schedule is doing ok , but I wish he would space out his night time feedings. Unlike his 4-5 hour stretches in daytime, he keeps me up every two hours like clock work.
Andrew does the first night feeding so, at least I get a pretty good stretch of sleep to start... that is if I can get myself to bed before midnight!

I got lazy on a few of them and didn't copyright them. I'll be posting some of these over on my Photography site too. By the way.. don't forget to keep checking over there for new updates. I am starting to get back into the swing of things since having Beck.. with some kid sessions as well as high school seniors. I am really anxious to start photographing seniors this fall, so if you know of anyone that age, please send them my way!

Love this one. Ahhhh. the innocence of a newborn! and so amazing to see the handy work of our creator in this precious face.
I also have been working on some birth announcements. Got one more to finish up, and then I'll post them for a vote. I just can't decide which ones I want to order and send out to people.
I wish I could send 10 different ones.
should finish that up this afternoon during naps.

ok, so that concludes your foto Friday!
hope you enjoyed it! have a great weekend~


Jocelyn said...

Such great pics....he is so adorable!!!! :)

Janette said...

Oh my my goodness you two make the cutest babies ever!!!! Yeah you could make millions off that sweet little face! =) He is simply adorable. My heart skipped a beat hearing about your daughter holding him by his head! Oh my goodness. She will have to really be watched the first while. They want to act so grown up and do the things Mommy does.

Thanks for sharing. I can't wait until I hold my new Grandbaby! =)

Katie McDowell said...

so sweet! i love how mushy and squishy new babies are! he's precious!

The Rock Star said...

I think he is actually cuter in person! :) I love the ones with the blanket I made you! Though, I am a bit partial...

Revlie said...

omg girl HUGE CONGRATS!! sorry i'm sooo late, but he's adorable & cute and now i want another one. haha. enjoy those beautiful first weeks!


Nicole said...

Absolutely beautiful and priceless pix!

Emily said...

These are really great pictures and it helps that you have a beautiful baby to photograph! He is so precious.


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