Tuesday, July 07, 2009

its a BOY !!!!

we waited and waited and waited...
and then in a huge hurry.......
Beckham Augustine arrived
at 6:45am Friday, July 3rd
8lbs 2 oz
21 inches
Everything went super well, and I am feeling awesome. Beckham is a super baby and slept 4.5 hours straight two nights in a row! He is pooping like a champ. The nurses were all pretty impressed.
He's been on two outings since coming home from the hospital Sunday evening. To Target (but of course!) on Monday, and we went out do dinner and to the park tonight.
Big Brother and Big Sister are having a blast! I know I have been slacking.. and I can't believe I didn't update like 5 minutes after he was born... (well.. actually Andrew post on mine and his facebook about an hour after he arrived. lol)
so ..... if you want quicker updates.... friend me on face book =)

we've been home two days, and are adjusting well... already rearranging my living room! ha! no seriously... while the THREE kids are napping.. Andrew and I got a new decorating bug up our sleeves!!

I have a bunch (248) pictures to finish editing and then I'll post more of this adorable lil guy and share his birth story.
I can already tell this 3rd child is NOT going to be skimped out on the photo opps.
He has his first dr. visit tomorrow morning and then I have a photo shoot in planned in the afternoon.
check back soon( and I'll try to be good and fast with my updates)


The Rock Star said...

He is super cute! And I am not just saying that... It is true! :)

The Noonan's said...

Congratulations! What a pretty baby - and I like the name - it fits so well with B and T. Glad you are doing so well.

Kim said...

He's beautiful! I can't wait to hear the rest of the birth story. :-)

Heather Crawford said...

OH, SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Nicole said...

Woo hoo! Congrats on the birth of your baby boy... He is absolutely beautiful - and I can't wait to hear the "rest of the story"... I have to admit - I'm already ready for another. :-) Enjoy these early days... We found adjusting to our third was so much easier than it was the first two times around! But the lack of sleep can be tough. Praying for you! Hugs from Indy!

Shelly said...

Congratulations! I cannot believe we will have a little one again soon too! I hope all continues to go well!


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