Wednesday, July 29, 2009

a look at the tag can boost one's ego!

Since having Beckham, I have lost all the baby weight gained, and for some reason seem to be on track for losing another 1-2 pounds a day in the last week or so.
The weight came off much faster (in two weeks!!) than it did after having Tatum(about 2 months) and much, much faster than after having Brigham (um.. about 6months.. yikes!).
So I have been back in my old clothes and feeling great! My jean capris are even big on me right now!! I am getting lots of compliments from people... like.. "did you really just have a baby 3 weeks ago?".. and I even got a high five from a friend last night, who noticed I was in my old capris!
My husband is constantly telling me how skinny I am. Well, I wouldn't go as far as to say "skinny".. but it does feel great to hear him say that, since he watched me balloon up and I was so self conscious of my every growing belly, hips, arms, face. etc!! !
Nursing must be doing the trick. and I guess I just don't eat much more. although I have definitely been helping replenish my calcium intake by these nice little Ben and Jerry's pints, that I have been consuming on a every other day basis!!.
seriously, it is addicting!
So here is where the tag thing comes in.... been able to get back into my old.. or shall we say "pre pregnancy" underwear.. but lately the little boy shorts that I have been selecting have been rather big. I couldn't figure out why they were fitting so poorly, until I looked at the tag last night.
"motherhood maternity" right there on the tag.


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