Thursday, July 30, 2009

they say I am superwoman!!

those were the comments left on my face book page after I posted my status of
"heading to the pool and attempting it with three!!"
I have to say , I was a little unsure of it too.... and prior to having Beckham, was pretty sure I wouldn't be at the pool again this summer..... well, I was sick of being white. My tan that I had gotten the weeks prior to giving birth has faded, and well.. I was also sick of being at home.
The parks have too much space to chase after Tatum, and the stores have too many things that I have no will power to keep from buying. And since we have new car tags and Brigham's bday party to pay for this weekend.. I opted for attempting the pool..

Here is my little diva. She loves her sparkly shoes. I kinda wish they made them in my size too.
and I am pretty glad that they don't make this pink leopard bikini in my size. That would just be wrong. but it is so dang cute on this little thing. Unless you see her blue(because I was too cheap to go buy girl swim diapers and we had leftover ones from Brig in the closet) peeking out of her suit! ok, who am I kidding.. it is still pretty cute!

she loves, loves, loves to be in the "babee pool"

and he doesn't mind either. we had the whole pool to ourselves for the most part until a mom that I knew from a couple years ago came in with her triplets. its amazing how the noise level increases and the water level in the pool decreases with the addition of 3 kids!! but mine had a blast...

and Brig-man with his magic glasses. Can't remember if I blogged about the fact that his first day of swimming lessons, he wouldn't put his face in the water.. then we went swimming with a friend who had goggles, and he tried them, and he was like a whole new kid. From then, on, he was diving to the bottom for rings, and dunking his head under all the time. So the goggles gave him the confidence he needed. totally doing a scrap page about this.. see why I need that die cut Heather?
so basically our 3 hour pool trip went very well. SUPER EASY with THREE. I couldn't believe how smoothly it went.. in part because the baby slept the whole time. Ok, except when we were loading the car and I couldn't for the life of me figure out how to fold up the mega double stroller!! Andrew always does it. I felt ridiculous trying all these things and it wouldn't budge. Finally got it, so I didn't have to fit it down the middle of the van! LOL
I don't think I have super powers.. heck.. anymore than any other mom out there.. don't we all get them?

and I'll leave you with a pic of my crazy kid from VBS this week. Our church has been holding Knight at the Museum this week, and it has been tons of fun! I was asked to take candids each night, and also the big group picture. It has been tons of fun, and I have even gotten some business out of it too. gotta finish editing all of them tonight so we can put a slide show together to play on Sunday during church. FUn stuff.

oh! and thanks for the help on the birth announcements! I totally loved them all. Andrew liked number 1 the best, so I think I am actually going to send out two different ones , just cuz I can't decide... and for anyone who wanted to know, they were done in PS. CS4.
have a great night!~

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Jocelyn said...

I just love the pics and yes you are a superwoman...but the children look like they had a great time! :)


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