Friday, August 06, 2010

Fun on Friday-beach style

We packed up the car and drove 2 hours north into Michigan to our traditional vacation day spot! This was a childhood summer tradition for our family and so we have tried to go with our kids (and grandma) too. Last summer we didn't make it since, Beck was born and the year before we didn't for some reason either... so like in June, we all booked it into our calendar so we knew we could make it!
*poor pic quality warning*... I stressed and debated about whether to bring the big ol' camera to the beach.. and I had really wanted to get good beachy pics of the kids in the (over done, but still super sweet white flowing cotton).. but after submitting to my husband( he does have pretty good ideas once in a while.. lol) and his advice on just going there to 'enjoy the day' and not worry about taking the perfect pictures... I gave in! I am actually so glad I did. His other big reasoning was he didn't really want me to risk $2500 of glass in the sand. and yeah.. totally something I would probably have done.So we took the el'cheapo powershot and I snapped a few pics, but mostly we just played. Grandma tried her best to console Beckham while I was the other kiddos.

We did get some quick pictures right after the big trek up tower hill.

ok, they trekked and I sat in the shade with the baby and the princess. Pretty darn proud of my hubby, my mom and my 6 yr old for making it to the top ! (and back down again! LOL)
once again, trying to include Beck in the family, he wants no part of it !

Tatum spent most of the day here... building and building and getting sand in places that were very hard to get out. she decided it was fun to lay down in the wet sand and make 'sand angles' . Oh, yeah.. that was fun getting the sand out of her head.. (oh wait,thankfully that was Andrew's job!)

Little Beck Beck ventured in like nobodies business until he got in about chest deep. Really he was just coming towards me (and I happened to have the camera in my hand!)

Brigham had a blast and couldn't get enough of the water. I think it was a huge plus that our lake trip came on the heels of our second set of swimming lessons this summer. He was a little fish all over the place. His favorite trick was performing somersaults over and over again, until, he came up out of the water saying "ouch".. I kept telling him he ought to move out a bit deeper. Guess he had to learn on his own. What does a mother know anyway!

We totally thought we left Beck's swimsuit in the van and after three trips to get everything down to the beach, we decided to just leave him in his jammies.

they were beach themed anyway.. lol
He actually liked the water pretty well too, once we got out into it. The weather was absolutely perfect. I remember days where the water was like ice and the sand extremely hot. Or there was the one summer where there were dead fish everywhere.. floating, washed up on the beach. So gross. This was a great day all around.
funny thing too.. we'd been there for hours and were about to call it a day, but TaTa asked grandma if we could go see the boats that were all anchored waaaaaay down the beach from where we were. Anyway, we decided to all go and made our way thru the crowded walking trail along the shore and sat and watched the boats. Course it took us even longer b/c we had to keep stopping and let Brigham aka.. superfish get out in the water and play.
So we're on our way back and my mom pointed out some group of moms with their kids and I looked up as we passed to see Darcy and one of her girls. It was crowded and Andrew and Brigham were a good ways ahead of us, so I didn't get the chance to stop. We used to work together years ago.. ( I think before I was even married?) and then got reacquainted via scrapping and blogging a few years ago. So wild to see someone I knew in a sea of thousands.
Kinda like when we ran into a family at Mammoth Cave.. just looked up and there they were..
So that was our fun for the week.. (amongst other summery things.). We're off to Indy in the am for a photographers get together that I am hosting. There are about 15 of us going. Should be a great time, and looks like it will be just perfect weather!
hope you all enjoy your weekend!

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