Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Words on Wednesday

Words on Wednesday is what I decided to keep up with ..(hopefully) because my kids are always saying the funniest things (aren't they all?) and well.. I was so good at keeping a little notebook when Brig was little.. I did scrap book pages for thins he said at 2, and 3, and 4.. Even did a page for Tatum and the things she said at 2..(Ok, well I started it.. and if all the words jotted down..)
So I decided I'd take the notebook from out of my car(yes, I finally put one in my middle console, b/c they were always saying something hilarious by golly, and I never had a pen/paper)..

So today's word (quote, funny, Brigism).. actually when he was about two years old, my aunt started saying he spoke Brighamese. It was adorable. And he is STILL cracking me up with what pops out of his mouth.

Me: Brigham , please finish your orange juice
Brig: Ohhhhhhh. but why, Mom?
Me: Because it is good for you, and I said so . that is why (totally never thought I'd be saying that.. but alas. its a daily occurrence!. ha.)
Brig: Well, I don't like the juice because it has all the fuzzy stuff in it !
Here is a cute pic from during our church's VBS. He attended 3 different churches this summer and had a blast at each one of them. This was part of the games.. they had to dip their nose in Vaseline and then go down and get Cotton balls out of a container and bring them back w/o using their hands. You see he is intently devising his plan as he watched his team mate! Miss Ta Ta... is always saying something hilarious. The one of late, is that she tells everyone she has a "spagehetto" bite on her arm.

We are also working full force on potty training.. and the kid is just not getting it. The funny thing she keeps saying EVERY time we change her diaper, or clean out princess panties. is " I not ever going to do it again! "... HAAAAAAAA. makes me laugh every time!

Miss Tatum got to come and visit our VBS since daddy did the sound all week and mommy was taking pictures. She was sure excited when they said she could have shaved ice!

and with that I'll leave you.. feel free to leave a comment of your favorite kid-ism !! We're off to Brigham's school to meet his teacher and register. Oh.. my , I thought this day would never come!!

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