Thursday, August 12, 2010

laundry day !

Ok, so week two of airing your dirty duds right here.. and you know what ? I got nuthin this week. lol- shocking right? I was thinking that this would be a great place to vent once a week and in turn be a place where my readers can vent if they want as well.. and then I started thinking that I don't want this to be a negative place.. but only a happy place. Mostly in my life, I don't like the complaining, looking at things with the glass half empty, yada yada, you get the idea right?
And then I realized that its human. its normal. that we all have days, weeks, months.. where we experience stuff that we just well, need to vent. So again, this is an open place if you want, feel free to share if you want in the comments.. Thanks Hannah for commenting last week. I sure hope that you got things switched up with your schedule and that it did not put a strain on your relationship. I remember days like that back when I was in the work world. Mis communication can be such a bummer.. (or just plain forgetful ness.. or what ever!)
So my vent this week is on the heels of a lovely family outing that we had a month ago. To this neat little place. I call it my peaceful , happy place. ( yes, even with 3 kids and a husband)
we ventured down the road to a blueberry patch and picked quite the many of these yummy berries. Tatum was all about it...

until, she realized how fantastic they tasted !! the picking and placing into her bucket ceased at that moment.

and then she found a cut out in the rows.. and made a hide and seek game of it !

Brigham was a serious picker too...

He loved it ! Nearly filled up his bucket-

Beck was a great helper as well... from a far....

I am so glad that hubby snapped some of me, since I rarely am included in family events, now I can actually scrap a family event with the 'whole' family. Please don't look closely, as I had just got done working out when we decided on a whim to trek to the patch...

and so HA. I got him back... he is rarely in pics too.. as its all about the kiddos lately..

and they are proud of their loot. And with it we made many a blueberry pancake.. and ate them by the handful. I had great hopes of freezing a bunch and then pulling them out to make muffins, and bread and scones and pies... but a las.. this is where my vent comes in-

I washed them all.. and then stuck a few pounds in the freezer. Well... not such a good idea.. as they thawed , they became mush. The color is coming off on everything, so the kids haven't even wanted to eat them for lunch. they are just turning into juice in the bottom of the bag... so I can't do anything with them..
thinking of a smoothie, or maybe a pie won't be so bad.. any suggestions on what I can create with mushy berries?

But I have to say, these were the plumpest, most sweet and delicious blueberries, I have ever tasted. Next year, we're going to go back every week to stock up. yummm.


Stephanie said...

Well, I have no clue of what to do with mushy berries. I'm not sure how you washed and froze them, but I think I remember hearing that the best way to freeze berries is to wash and dry them, then lay them all out on a sheet pan and stick it in the freezer. Then, once they're frozen, you can dump them all in a bag. Maybe you did do this, and they still turned out mushy. If so, sorry about that. Good luck with figuring something out! =)

Lisa said...

Never wash BB. Its best to freeze and bag and then wash them when your ready for them. They have a protective coating on them and once their washed, and you freeze them, they will lose that coating that kept them firm in the first place.
Im sure you can do something with the mush..your creative, im sure you can think of something.


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